Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

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Parcel delivery and courier service to Uganda

We provide low cost, quick delivery services for individuals throughout the UK and deliver to a range of exotic and domestic locations.

If you want to send a parcel to one of the 34.9 million people living in Uganda, whether they are based in the capital (Kampala) or elsewhere such as Kira, Kasese, Soroti or Busia, then we can help.

Our deliveries to Uganda start at just £43.06* (ex VAT) for collection from your home or business address and delivery to your recipient in just 3-5 days. 


About Uganda

Uganda is an extremely beautiful country, full of excitement in the cities and charm in the countryside. It is here where the farming of coffee takes place but the country also has a vast number of lakes that add stunning scenery to its list of attractions.

The country is located on the East African border and is home to ten national parks and 60 protected areas. The population has grown considerably too – rising from 9.5 million people in 1969 to 34.9 million in 2014 (an increase of 10.6 million in 12 years).

Uganda is also home to a number of different ethnic groups which adds to why so many tourists visit the country each year. The variety of ethnic groups present includes those of Baganda, Banyakole, Langi and Banyoro. There are also 20,000 white residents present in Uganda; largely from the United Kingdom.

Around 40 different languages are spoken regularly in Uganda, falling into two main categories: Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan.

English actually became the official language of Uganda after their independence and was introduced to schools and universities as part of the curriculum as a result.

Music is thought to be the most prominent and important communication tool to the residents of Uganda but there is also a great love of sport in the country.

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Your parcel is in safe hands when you send it with ipostparcels so there’s no need to worry. We offer a free, online parcel tracking system to give you full visibility of the parcel on its journey. And if that’s not enough to ease your mind, we provide £50 free extended cover on your item – you can choose to add extra cover if you wish.

How to package parcels to Uganda

ipostparcels can transport parcels up to 25kg in weight and 80x80x80cm max dimensions. If you’re sending something of reasonable size or weight, you might like to visit our help page on sending large and heavy parcels.

Although your parcels are likely to reach Uganda in only a number of days, we would still recommend taking the time to prepare and package it well for transit to ensure its delivered safely and intact.

See our handy International packaging guide for more packaging hints and tips on sending parcels to Uganda.

How safe will my parcel be?

From the time of collection (should you not be in, you can opt to leave your parcel in a safe place and our driver will collect it from there) to delivery, where it will be signed for by the recipient, we take good care of the items you send with us.

We also offer free online tracking to keep you fully updated on your parcel’s location, and provide £50 extended cover on your item as standard – you can choose to add extra cover for more valuable items if you wish.


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