Tyres and alloy wheels can be awkward to send via courier, but they usually fit within our maximum dimensions and weight allowance and are actually some of the most popular items we deliver.

As you might expect however, there are some things to consider when sending wheels and tyres through the post, so we recommend you read our top tips on getting your wheels and tyres delivered safely and in the same condition they were sent.

Some useful things to know when posting wheels...

  • Wheel and tyre weight can vary greatly, so it’s very important to weigh and measure them accurately before booking a delivery.
  • If you don’t provide the accurate weight or dimensions of any parcel sent with ipostparcels, you will be contacted and have to pay the difference. You may also be liable for any losses we may suffer from your under-declaration - see our full Terms & Conditions for details.
  • Wheels range in size from 13” up to 24” and can weigh anywhere between 7 – 20kg each without a tyre.
  • One 17” alloy wheel with a tyre weighs on average around 15kg and can usually be packed in a box with dimensions of 50cm x 50cm x 40cm.
  • Tyres can also range widely in size and therefore weight, from 6.5kg up to 20kg.
  • One R17 tyre weighs approx. 7.5kg.

What will it cost to send wheels and tyres by courier?

ipostparcels can ship parcels to anywhere in the UK with the following limits on weights and dimensions:

Large parcel up to 15kg
max dimensions 60x60x60cm
Prices starting at £8.79* (ex VAT) for collection and delivery

XL / odd size parcel up to 20kg
max  dimensions – 65x65x65cm
Prices starting at £11.95* (ex VAT) for collection and delivery

XXL up to 25kg
max dimensions 70x70x70cm
Prices starting at £20.99* (ex VAT) for collection and delivery

ipostparcels can also ship parcels Internationally to over 160 countries worldwide with the following limits on weights and dimensions:

Up to 25kg
max dimensions 70x70x70cm
Prices depend on the weight, the destination country and the service chosen

Packaging alloy wheels and tyres for posting

Wheels and tyres can be very bulky and cumbersome to send. Wheels can be very delicate; especially diamond cut alloys found on high performance cars. Tyres tend to be more robust, however they still require some attention when packaging – and both can be large and heavy.

Follow our guidelines for packaging your alloys and tyres to avoid any damage when sending them with ipostparcels. This will keep your recipient happy as they’ll be receiving the items in the same condition as they were sent:

  • Use multiple layers of bubble wrap when wrapping wheels, ensuring that you cover the face of the alloy and the edges with extra protection before placing in a box. This is key as these are the most visible parts of the alloys
  • Wrapping in bubble wrap will also protect the alloys from the elements and keep them dry; especially if it’s raining on the day your alloys are being collected or delivered
  • Use shrink wrap or parcel tape to securely fasten the bubble wrap around the wheel
  • For best results, use a strong outer box that is only a little larger than the wheel and fill any space with packaging materials to prevent the wheel moving around in transit
  • Don’t use black outer packaging such as plastic wrap when packaging your wheels; automated parcel sortation systems can’t process it, leading to transit time delays on UK deliveries and International shipments will be automatically returned.

Delivering your wheels or tyres with ipostparcels

Alloy wheels and tyres can be very heavy – why not let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to? We’ll pick up straight from your home or work to make it even more convenient – and it saves you queuing in the line at the Post Office.

Alternatively you can drop your parcel ready to go to one our 50+ depots local to you and save £1.30 on every additional parcel.

Take out extended cover and get a signature

We strongly recommend you take out extended cover when sending wheels in the post, as they can be extremely expensive to replace. As standard, all parcels delivered in the UK get £25 free contents cover and International parcels get £50 free contents cover. If the value of the wheels or tyres is more than our standard cover, we can offer extended cover of up to £1000 for both domestic and International deliveries - this option can be selected on the booking form when placing your order.

You can choose to have your parcel delivered to a ‘safe place’ at no extra charge or have the added security of a signature from the recipient for an extra £1.25. If a signature is not selected, we cannot be held liable if your parcel is lost or damaged after delivery to a ‘safe place’.

We see parcels of all shapes and sizes passing through the ipostparcels network and sometimes they exceed our maximum weight and dimensions. This doesn’t just cause us a problem, but also causes issues for the recipient and the sender. That’s why it’s vital to declare the correct weight and dimensions when sending alloy wheels and tyres to ensure a smooth delivery.

Looking to send alloy wheels by courier? Get a quote today.


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