We recruited 4 Instagram friends to start a chain of sending meaningful gifts in the post to each other, starting with Grace Timothy @gracetimothywriter, whose gift was inspired by what she loves to do and it made her day! Grace continued the chain with a gift sent to Mat Riley @thelifeofrileyfamily, which was a beautiful tea advent calendar – a perfect gift for Mat being a tea fanatic. He was so impressed, he also posted a YouTube video.  Mat wanted to share his talent of baking with Dom Crick @thepelicanandtherose, who was keen to learn some baking skills. Dom continued #PassingTheParcel with a gift that would come handy for Susie Verrill @susiejverrill New York trip planned for next year. You can view all of thier Instagram stories on our Post for a Post resource page or Instagram feed. Susie also wrote a blog about why she’s behind our #PassTheParcel campaign.


#PassTheParcel with ipostparcels - by Susie Verrill

It’s little surprise that a recent survey found 62% of people say they feel happy giving someone a gift, 54% of people feel happy when they receive a gift and 46% are left feeling appreciated; in a day and age where it’s ordinarily unwanted bills or leaflets on another sofa sale, a personalised gift from someone we know or love can leave us feeling really lovely. The time and effort put in to curating it, feeling valued, there’s a lot to be said for a happy post day and that’s why I’m more than happy to get behind ipostparcels latest #PassTheParcel campaign and promote their awesome service.

Their website which you can take a look at here, is full of helpful advice and you can even find out exactly how much it’ll cost for you to send something anywhere across the U.K. There’s lots of different ways to tailor the service to suit you; whether you’d like the package picked up from your house in the first instance, if you want labels printing, or maybe you’re a frequent Ebay-er? If you are, you can import your sold items straight in to the booking form for even faster booking and quicker checkout. Basically, ipostparcels are here to try to make sure sending someone a treat in the post isn’t a chore and becomes something we do more often. At prices starting from £1.99 for next day delivery it costs mere change to reach out to someone either down the road or across the country and well… if nothing more, you end up getting a tonne of Brownie points for effort.
You don’t have to wait to send a huge bundle either; ipostparcels are happy to send the smallest of bundles and extra, extra large. In fact, we’ll be using these guys to send our Christmas gifts to children in care this year and we’ve already been able to work out how much it looks like it’ll be costing us which is so handy to know in advance.
For anything up to £25, you can get free cover (up to £50 for international deliveries) and with their signature service you can have peace of mind that the gifts are arriving safely. If you’re worried about people not being in, their Saturday or pre-noon options are ready and waiting and they’ve even got multi-parcel savings – that’s right, you can surprise a load of different people and save money while doing so.
So, with Christmas coming up and a lot of us needing to send presents in the post, taking a look at all ipostparcels have to offer is something I’m really keen to mention. They genuinely do cover everything on their website (it’s so easy to navigate) and make the whole process a lot easier than getting sweaty in the slow line at the post office with no clue how much everything’s going to cost you.
*Post created in collaboration with www.ipostparcels.com 
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