We ship a huge variety of parcels, of all shapes, sizes and weights. As long as your parcel fits within our maximum dimensions (80x 80 x 80), weighs 25kg or under and is not a restricted or prohibited item, we can ship it. The different types of items that come through our network show that our customers trust us to send their parcels all across the UK and to over 160 countries worldwide.
Each and every parcel that passes through our network has its own meaning and purpose, whether you’re sending a care package to a family member overseas in need of home comforts, sending a customer an item purchased from your website, or posting an item you’ve sold via eBay. Whatever the reason, your parcels are in safe hands with ipostparcels and we’ll help you find the right information to successfully ship your item.
Here are some of the most popular items that are sent through our network along with weights, dimensions and costs. You can also use our super quick and easy quick quote form to get an instant price for shipping your parcel from A to B.


If you’re selling clothes online you may sell singular items or items bundled together.

Singular items of clothing – Extra Small or Small sized parcel from £1.99* (ex VAT) Whether you’re a retailer or someone having a wardrobe clear out – if you have a single item of clothing to ship then our XS parcel size may be the best option for you; single items can easily fit within a padded envelope and waterproof bagit – keeping your postage costs down and your customers items safe and secure during transit.
Clothing bundles e.g. 5-10 items  – Small sized parcel from £4.24* (ex VAT)Selling a number of low-value items as part of bundle package has become increasingly popular on eBay in recent years; you get to have a big wardrobe clear out and make a bit of extra income in the process. Generally, our small parcel size is perfect for this; ensure you get a good sturdy box, add all items from your bundle sale and seal the box on all sides, then waterproof the box with shrink wrap to avoid water damage during transit.

Shoes – Extra Small or Small sized parcel from £1.99* (ex VAT)The dimensions of shoes vary depending on gender and age. For children, the dimensions of a box can be as little as 12cmx17cmx15cm and weigh less 1kg, falling into our X-small parcels category. Adult’s shoes should rarely weigh anything over 3kg and the typical dimensions for a shoe box are 35cmx25cmx13cm which would be a small parcel and be priced from £4.24* (ex VAT).



Large sized parcel from £6.74* (ex VAT) - The typical dimensions of a wheel or tyre are 50cmx50cmx20cm and can weigh around 15kg, this would be considered as a large item. Wheels and alloys can be very bulky and cumbersome to send. Some are very delicate, especially diamond cut alloys found on high-performance cars. Whether you are sending them with or without a box, please follow our guidelines for packaging your wheels to avoid any damage during transit. 



Small sized parcel from £4.24* (ex VAT) - The weight of a book can depend on whether it’s a hardback or paperback and how many pages it has. Most books would probably weigh around 1kg and have the dimensions of around 22cmx15cmx4cm. With packaging, a single book would most likely fall into the small parcel category which would cost from £4.24* (ex VAT).


What about more obscure items?

There are some weird and wonderful items that come through the ipostparcels network. Worried your items might be too strange? Here are some of the unusual parcel contents we’ve received and delivered to put your mind at ease:

  • Beekeeping equipment – It’s only of interest to a niche group, but items for beekeeping are regularly sent through our network.
  • Mud kitchen – Not something to replace your current kitchen but serves its purpose as a child’s outdoor play kitchen.
  • Bagpipes – Musical instruments are a regular occurrence but the wind instrument is an item that is sent on a regular basis by a few of our customers.

Are there any items that cannot be sent?

Whether you’re sending within the UK or Internationally, as a courier we have a number of prohibited and restricted items. We’re unable to carry a number of items by law or because of certain customs regulations. See our full list of UK prohibited items and International prohibited items for more information.  If you are shipping Internationally we would also recommend checking the relevant country page on our website here for any other mandatories.


Are there any items that can be sent but should be avoided?

Although there are prohibited items, there are some items that can be sent but we would recommend avoiding. Sentimental goods are something that we prefer not to carry through our network as we can only ever cover the actual contents value and not the sentimental value. We care deeply about all our customers and the contents of their parcels - a family photo album with years of collected photos is better off not being sent via any courier as this sort of item holds huge sentimental value but no commercial value if the worst were to happen and it gets lost in transit.


Help and advice

If you would like any help and advice on how to ship your parcel safely and securely then do get in touch with us, our customer service teams are available Monday to Friday - 7am until 10pm to answer any queries you may have.
Always weigh and measure your parcel correctly to get the most accurate price and avoid paying too much or not enough and being charged additional fees.

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