Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

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Parcel delivery and courier service to Hong Kong

For cheap parcel delivery to Hong Kong within just 3-4 days* of collection, ipostparcels is the only courier service you’ll need. We’ll deliver your parcel there quickly, easily and safely. One of our drivers will collect your parcels from your home or work address from only £28.08 (ex VAT).

To see how much it will cost to deliver your parcels to Hong Kong, simply enter the weight and dimensions into the quote box. Then when you’re ready to send, all you need to do is register with us (taking only a couple of minutes) and provide the collection and delivery details. There is no minimum order amount, so you can just use your account as and when you need.

To all cities including; Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long Kau Hui, Shatin, Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Sai Kung and more...

Hong Kong is a very popular destination for large parcels, so whether you’re sending to friends and family or a business partner, you’ll want the best value for money service you can find, and that’s exactly what we aim to offer. We have some of the most competitive prices around for parcel delivery to Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on the level of service we provide.

There are some things to be aware of when sending items to Hong Kong, but our handy information on this page can help you rest easy.

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Your parcel will travel over 6,000 miles, be delivered in 3 days and will cost as little as £26.78* (ex VAT)

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How much will it cost?

Collection and delivery to Hong Kong starts from £28.08 (ex VAT), however if you chose to drop your parcel off at one of our local depots you can save an additional £1.30.

We work hard to keep our prices low for courier services to Hong Kong. Take a look at our current costs.

Parcel Weight


1kg Parcel Delivery to Hong Kong

From £30.08* (ex VAT)

5kg Parcel Delivery to Hong Kong

From £46.08* (ex VAT)

10kg Parcel Delivery to Hong Kong

From £66.08* (ex VAT)

25kg Parcel Delivery to Hong Kong

From £126.08* (ex VAT)

How long will it take to deliver?

ipostparcels offer a door to door delivery service to Hong Kong; you don’t even have to leave your house to send a parcel with us. Our driver will come to your home or work address to collect your parcel on the day you have chosen, your parcel will then be taken to the local depot for sorting and then transported through the night to an international hub and begin its journey to Hong Kong.

Whether you choose to have your parcels collected from your home or work address in the UK, you can usually expect delivery within 3-4 days from collection.

Please note - public and common local holidays in 2018 which may affect delivery times to Hong Kong: Jan 1 / Feb 16, 17, 19 / Mar 30, 31/ Apr 2, 5 / May 1, 22 / Jun 18 / Jul 2 / Sep 25 / Oct 1, 17 / Dec 25, 26

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Your parcel is in safe hands when you send it with ipostparcels so there’s no need to worry. We offer a free, online parcel tracking system to give you full visibility of the parcel on its journey. And if that’s not enough to ease your mind, we provide £50 free extended cover on your item – you can choose to add extra cover if you wish.

Do I need to deal with Hong Kong customs?

For any parcel heading outside of the EU, you’ll need to fill out a customs form. This tells the Customs Agents in the destination country about the contents of your package so they can process it correctly.

As with most international posting, when you send a parcel to Hong Kong from the UK, there are sometimes additional customs duties and import taxes that need to be paid. Any additional charges are incurred upon entry into the country and are therefore not charged within our prices.

It’s vital to ensure that you are aware of the prohibitions and restrictions that Hong Kong has in place, as failure to adhere to these restrictions may result in additional charges and possibly the destruction of your parcel.

When you book your delivery with ipostparcels, we will provide you with all the correct forms you need to help your parcel through customs.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Hong Kong.

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What items can't I send to Hong Kong?

As well as the usual prohibited and restricted items you would expect from any international parcel delivery, there are some additional regulations around what you can and can’t send to Hong Kong.

Check the website for Hong Kong Customs and Excise for import regulations. We also advise to re-check the regulations every time you send a parcel to Hong Kong as they can change often.

Some examples of items you can’t send to Hong Kong include:

Restricted and Prohibited Goods


Illegal and dangerous



Meat, poultry and eggs

Drugs (stimulants, hypnotics, tranquilzers and sedatives) Rough diamonds

Milk and milk goods

Hazardous chemicals Radio transmitting equipment

Fish and crustaceans

Explosives Lithium batteries

Please be aware that when sending a parcel or gift to Hong Kong with ipostparcels, we have our own prohibited items list, which must be observed.

How to package parcels to Hong Kong

Due to the duration of the journey and the amount of automated machines that are likely to be used along the way, we suggest to be extra thorough when packaging your parcel and ensure that everything is safe and secure. Be sure to take extra effort to package your items well – and use some cushioning material inside your parcel.

We can transport parcels up to 25kg in weight, 80x80x80cm max in size –we strongly recommend you use a sturdy outer box when sending your package and don’t overfill it, regardless of the dimensions of your parcel. If you’d like some further advice on packaging, take a look at our handy international packaging guide for tips.

Hong Kong flag

How safe will my parcel be?

Provided you adhere to the restricted and prohibited items list and general customs regulations for Hong Kong, there’s no reason to worry about your parcel when you send with ipostparcels – it’s in safe hands! But we know you want to be sure, so our free online parcel tracking system will help you keep tabs on your parcel throughout its whole journey, from collection to delivery.

We also provide £50 free extended cover on your parcel to give you additional peace of mind; and you can choose to add extra cover for more valuable items.



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