Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

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Covid-19 update

DHL have introduced a number of additional measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and drivers when parcels are being collected or delivered. To stay up-to-date with the latest DHL Covid-19 information please click here.

Tuesday 24th March 2020: With immediate effect and until further notice DHL have suspended services to Guinea Bissau

Parcel delivery and courier service to Guinea-Bissau


To all cities including Bafatá, Gabú and Bissorã.

Although the UK does have not have vast trade links with Guinea-Bissau, you may still wish to send packages to friends or family in the country. The secure and efficient courier service from can meet your needs, allowing you to send parcels to the capital and largest city Bissau and to other smaller settlements including Bafata, Gabu and Bissora.
A direct delivery service is available to ensure your packages reach their destinations and costs from £43.06* (ex VAT). It will typically take 4-6 days* for your goods to be delivered from the UK.

About Guinea-Bissau


Guinea-Bissau took its name following the recognition of its independence in 1974, when the name of its capital Bissau was added to Guinea, a former Portuguese colony. This was done to avoid confusion with neighbouring Guinea, formerly French Guinea. The Bijagos Archipelago of more than 80 islands lies just of the mainland. 
The country shares borders with Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east, as well as the vast Atlantic Ocean to the west. Low altitude coastal plains with swamps of Guinea mangroves can be found near to the ocean, while forest and savannah can be found further to the east.
Guinea-Bissau is warm all year around with little temperature fluctuation. More than 2,000mm of rainfall falls each year but nearly all of occurs during the rainy season between June and late September. Drought is common between December and April.
Natural resources in the region include timber, bauxite, clay, granite and unexploited petroleum deposits. Cashew nuts, fish, peanuts and sawn lumber account for the majority of its exports with Guinea-Bissau’s major trading partners in Asia, southern Europe and South America.

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Your parcel is in safe hands when you send it with ipostparcels so there’s no need to worry. We offer a free, online parcel tracking system to give you full visibility of the parcel on its journey. And if that’s not enough to ease your mind, we provide £50 free extended contents cover on your item – you can choose to add extra cover if you wish.

How to package parcels to Guinea-Bissau


ipostparcels can transport parcels up to 25kg in weight and 80x80x80cm max dimensions. If you’re sending something of reasonable size or weight, you might like to visit our help page on sending large and heavy parcels.

Although your parcels are likely to reach Guinea-Bissau in only a number of days, we would still recommend taking the time to prepare and package it well for transit to ensure its delivered safely and intact.

See our handy International packaging guide for more packaging hints and tips on sending parcels to Guinea-Bissau.

How safe will my parcel be?

From the time of collection (should you not be in, you can opt to leave your parcel in a safe place and our driver will collect it from there) to delivery, where it will be signed for by the recipient, we take good care of the items you send with us.

We also offer free online tracking to keep you fully updated on your parcel’s location, and provide £50 extended cover on your item as standard – you can choose to add extra cover for more valuable items if you wish.

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