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Parcel Delivery Service to French Polynesia

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French Polynesia Overview
Delivery Time: 4 - 5 days worldwide air service
Price: From £18.45
Restrictions: Pornographic materials, meat, knives & blades.

4-5 days worldwide air service
Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
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To all cities including Gambier Islands, Austral Islands and Bass Islands.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is made up of five islands, closely attached to France. The population is largely Christian – which means they celebrate many of the same occasions as Brits – and family links are often strong with UK residents.

Servicing all areas of the Marquesas Islands, Society Islands, Tuamoto Archipelago, Gambier Islands, Austral Islands and Bass Islands, you can send parcels and gifts for just £18.45 in 4-5 days with us.

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About French Polynesia


Half-way between California and Australia, French Polynesia is sculpted by sky piercing moss-green peaks and bright turquoise lagoons which makes it the ideal location to enjoy a slow, laid back break.

French is the official language of the country and there are a total of 53 airports in French Polynesia with Air Tahiti being the main airline in use and taking passengers to other islands within the country.

While most of the population consider themselves more Polynesian than French, they are extremely proud of their relationship with the French culture. Both the domestic and commercial architecture is International Modern – made up of concrete walls and metal roofs with decorative wood or masonry – while homes are still made from these materials but retain the traditional sparse feel of Polynesian culture with a single large sleeping room and an outdoor kitchen.

In rural areas, locals provide their own food through fishing and rearing their own animals. Sweet potatoes, breadfruit and taro are also traditionally grown within a family’s garden.

Within a traditional family home in French Polynesia, only one meal will be cooked every day, with leftovers being consumed for the other two meals.

While the island is laid back and calm there a number of successful industries including several boar building and ship repairing businesses, along with major construction material suppliers. However, there are only a small number of factories in French Polynesia where beer and soft drink bottling manufacturing occurs.

One of the most unique aspects of society in French Polynesia is the etiquette values during visits to family and friends. When guests are invited for meals, the hosts are not expected to eat, unless there are a large number of people in the room. It is also considered rude to keep your shoes on when entering someone else’s home.

Fun fact: Archery is considered to be a sacred sport in French Polynesia.




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