Some of the best bargains you’ll ever get are on eBay, and ‘’collection only’’ items can sometimes be the most exciting and interesting finds. If you’ve purchased a collection item on eBay that you don’t fancy driving to collect, we can do that for you; our drivers can collect your parcel from the buyer, then we will deliver it to you the very next day*. We’re cost effective too as we have the cheapest next day delivery rates in the UK, so ipostparcels can be the perfect choice for collecting and delivering your eBay bargains.

How does it work?

Firstly, you will need to register with us (its quick and easy) and with a few clicks your parcel will be booked in for collection and delivery. When you’re booking your parcel in for collection and delivery, all you have to do is set the collection address as the sellers, and the delivery address as your own. Make sure you select a collection day for your item on a day that suits you and your seller, as the seller needs to be home for us to collect the item. It’s that easy! 

Things to note with collection only eBay items...

If you’re thinking of using ipostparcels to collect your eBay purchase, you should always check with the seller first – before the auction is completed – to make sure they’re comfortable with the idea of having a courier collect the item. Not everyone is happy doing so; remember you’ll be asking them to do additional things to get the item to you, which they may not be willing or able to do. For example:

  • We can’t give collection windows until the day of the collection, so the seller will need to be around to hand over the parcel to the driver. This might be avoidable by the seller leaving the item in a safe place.

  • Even leaving the item in a safe place could be problematic for the seller; they may not have a place safe enough, or a reliable neighbour to leave it with. Without checking first, it may be quite an imposition on them.

  • All items carried by ipostparcels need to be packaged well, which puts onus on the seller to prepare it ready for shipping. You shouldn’t expect them to do this without agreeing it with them first as there may be additional costs for you to pay them to cover the materials.    

  • The seller will most likely want to photograph the item before it’s sent, as proof of the condition it left them in – this shouldn’t be a cause for concern, as they are simply protecting themselves against the more unscrupulous eBayers out there.

  • We can only collect UK items. Unfortunately we cannot collect items purchased Internationally at this time. 
Although there are a few things to consider when using a courier to collect eBay items, don’t let it dissuade you; just put yourself in their position and think of all the possible outcomes. Chances are all will be fine and in no time at all, that eBay bargain will be in your possession, easily, quickly and affordably, with ipostparcels.  
Take a look at our parcel delivery rates to see just how cheaply you can ship an item in the UK – with next day delivery from only £1.99* (Ex VAT) and the ability to carry items up to 25kg in weight, we’re happy to be the first choice for eBay sellers and buyers looking for reliable courier services.


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