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Our white papers are published by industry experts with many years of experience and in depth subject-matter expertise. All of our white papers are free to download; you will only have to provide your name and a valid e-mail address. Below is the full list of our white papers, please click on the one that interest you and then submit your details to download the white paper in PDF.



Understanding the financial options available for your business - 29/07/2016

Understanding the financial options available to you and what they mean for your company or start-up is the first step to becoming a noteworthy success.


An SME guide to attracting top talent - 29/04/2016

Whether you offer a great benefits package or you’re renowned as an ‘employer of choice’, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to attracting employees to your business.


The best ways to meet to meet final quarter targets - 29/01/2016

Get to grips with what your company's top piorities are and you will be well positioned to take advantage and chase success in the final quarter of the financial year.


Starting the new year with a bang - 22/12/2015

Whether you spend the first week of January catching up on emails and voicemails, or spend your time setting a high-level strategy for the year to come, there are a number of ways you can start your New Year with a bang!


Your essential guide to maximising Christmas sales - 25/11/2015

Christmas is a crucial time for any retailer, which is why it’s important to follow a few tips if you wish to
maximise your seasonal sales.


Logistics and management for SMEs - 27/10/2015

Logistics poses as a thought-provoking and significant movement in today's business world. It engages contractors with consumers and incorporates practical entities across many of today’s upcoming business models.


Using pop-ups to boost business - 24/09/2015

Pop-up shops are not only hugely exciting; they're extremely beneficial to a number of brands and act as a great test bed for a variety of business ideas.


How to successfully work in partnership with other businesses - 27/08/2015

When it comes to creating a successful business partnership, there are many factors to consider. First things first, it’s important to understand the benefits of a partnership.



An SME’s guide to good customer service practices - 28/07/2015

Good customer service is crucial. Just one tweet, or one post on social media, your company reputation could be damaged forever.


Essential energy saving tips for your business - 22/05/2015

Every penny counts, as the saying goes. These tips can save your business a lot of energy, probably more than you think.


Preparing a business for sale - 13/04/2015

The sale of a company is a crucial time for any business owner, with every detail of the process potentially affecting the company’s value, reputation and attractiveness to buyers.


Moving your business to the cloud - 17/03/2015

The future of computing is here, no longer do we store files on discs or floppies. The cloud is the future, but how can you move your business onto the cloud with ease, read this white paper to find out more.


Could native advertising benefit your business? - 24/02/2015

Deciding if this type of advertising is cost effective in the long run will be up to individual companies, however with around 83% of agencies now offering native advertising as part of their digital repertoire and the remainder planning to do so in the near future, native advertising looks like it is here to stay.


How to maintain business growth following seasonal success - 20/01/2015

After a successful Christmas period, how can small businesses keep up with the growth? This White Paper lists some essential things you can do to help achieve that.


How SMEs can take advantage of the January sales rush - 17/12/2014

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday manic is over, the next buy shopping period is the January Sale. Study this White Paper to make sure your business can make the most out of the big sale in 2015.


How SMEs can prepare for the festive season - 18/11/2014

Christmas is just over a month away, this handy white paper explains a number of areas in which an SME can prepare for to get the maxium benefit over the festive period, on sales as well as other areas.


How 4G could revolutionise your SME - 14/10/2014

If you are using only a broadband connection for your business, there might be a better alternative solution to get online. Using the modern 4G network on the go, see how this change the way we do business.


How can SMEs tap into the growing m-commerce sector - 18/09/2014

M-commerce, using a smartphone or tablet computer to shop online, has grown in importance in recent years as more and more people use their mobile device as their main way to access the web. Is your business ready for it?


How investing in technology can benefit your SME - 06/08/2014

Technology is taking the world by storm, ten years ago we never heard of an iPhone. This article will take you through each technology some small businesses are turning to and what benefits they may have.


How relocating back to the UK could boost business for SMEs - 02/07/2014

Re-shoring your business back to the UK could lead to many benefits and cost savings now that the econmy in this country is on the up. This white paper covers how this could affect your business and how it should be done successfully.

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