Selecting a lower extended cover value.

The level of extended cover is automatically selected based on the value of the parcel contents. You have selected a lower level of extended cover than is appropriate for the value of the parcel contents therefore we ask you to confirm your acceptance that the extended cover value is lower than the appropriate value.

No Compensation Items

The below listed items are unsuitable for carriage in our network and as such can only be carried on a no compensation basis. If such items are dispatched with the goods will travel at the risk of the sender and compensation will not be made should loss or damage be incurred.

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Antiques
  • Artwork & Works of Art
  • Bullion
  • Car body panels/bumpers/car seats/Airbags/batteries/windows/windscreens
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Currency/gift vouchers/Travelers cheques /Money Orders/negotiable instruments in bearer form
  • Ceramics (including Pottery/China/Stoneware/Marble etc.)
  • Designer Goods (including handbags/footwear/clothing/watches/jewellery)
  • Medicines (including over the counter medicines and prescription drugs)
  • Foodstuffs
  • Fossils
  • Furniture (assembled i.e. Sofa’s/Wardrobes/Tables)
  • Glass (including mirrors/light bulbs etc.)
  • Inks and Toners
  • Important Documents (i.e. Passports/tenders/share option certificates etc.)
  • Liquids
  • Paint
  • Perishable Goods
  • Plants
  • Precious Metals and Precious Stones (i.e. Gold, Silver, Diamonds etc.)
  • Stamps
  • Televisions or other electronic graphical display equipment with screen size exceeding 37 inches
  • Tobacco Products
  • White Goods (Fridges/freezers, washing machines etc.)

Customs Declaration

International packages shipped through ipostparcels must be accompanied by the appropriate customs documentation. Where required we will generate these documents for you from the information you provide on the booking form.

These documents are very important because they are required by border control agencies to allow your goods to pass through customs.

It is your responsibility to make sure these documents are accurately completed, signed and attached properly to your parcel. Take extra care when filling in the customs declaration. It must be accurate. A mistake may cause your package to be delayed and could result in additional customs charges.

After you have paid you will need to print your labels and the required customs documents, we will create these for you. If your package is being delivering within the European Union and your goods are in Free Circulation i.e. all duties and taxes are paid you do not require any invoice documents. If your package is going outside Europe we will produce 5 invoices (these will be either Commercial Invoices or Pro forma invoices depending on the reason for export). All documents should be signed, placed in an envelope marked 'Customs documents' and securely attached to the outside of the package. They must not be handed be handed to our driver or depot staff.

If you are shipping on behalf of a commercial company you must print the invoices on company headed paper. This will be clearly explained after you have paid.

If you have specific questions about sending an international parcel please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

We encourage you to read the information provided by the UK Government on their official site.

Prohibited Items

All items listed below (or any item similar in description or content) cannot be carried under any circumstances by Any person sending such items may have their order cancelled without notice or refund.

For clarity, Dangerous Goods are substances or articles that can pose a hazard to the health and safety of people or may cause damage to property or the environment (in the event of a leak or spillage).

IMPORTANT: This list is not exhaustive; it exists as a rough guide only. Please check our terms and conditions for more accuracy.

Weapons/explosives/munitions Animals/animal parts/livestock and insects Baby Milk (to China Only)
Biological Samples Dangerous Goods Firearms including replicas and imitations
Fire Extinguishers Hazardous Goods Human Remains
Infectious substances Lighter fluid and Matches  

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Customs Declaration

This section must be completed to allow your goods to be sent abroad and if your parcel is destined for a country outside the European Union it will enable us to generate the customs documents you need. A false or misleading customs declaration may lead to a fine and/or seizure of your parcel read more...
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ipostparcels have the cheapest next day delivery prices in the UK from 2 - 25kg. See price comparison prices here. * £1.99 (ex VAT) from price based on a next day XS parcel size with a UK depot drop off and UK depot collection service. Delivery to Northern Ireland, Ireland, The British Isles, The Highlands, Islands and parts of Scotland operate on a 1-3 day delivery service and incur additional costs. £7.74 (ex VAT) price based on a parcel weight of up to 25kg (50cm x 50cm x 50cm) on a UK depot drop off and economy delivery service to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg or Austria. All prices quoted on content pages (outside of the quick quote and booking form) will be based on the depot drop off discounted price for UK deliveries and on a 0.5kg parcel with dimensions of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm for all international air countries. The size and weight of your parcel affects the price you will pay so it’s important to weigh and measure your parcel correctly to ensure your parcel arrives on time without any delays. Use our quick quote for all pricing options. If you do not select the "signature required" delivery option, UKMail will not be liable should your items be subsequently lost or damaged after the delivery (see clause 5.2.2 of the Terms & Conditions). We define a "Parcel" as a package with dimensions up to 80cm x 80cm x 80cm or up to 120cm x 50cm x 50cm or up to 140cm x 35cm x 35cm.

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