Your guide to selling online without a website
January 2015
Selling without a website


  • Trading Platforms
  • Classifi ed Sites
  • Specialised Sales Sites
  • Using Social Media
  • Presenting Your Products
  • Pricing and Postage Costs
  • Selling on Amazon and Ebay

There are literaly thousands of businesses that are doing very well onilne without a website. They utilise other platforms online to build their brand and communicate with their customers. Here's a simple guide on how you can do business online without a website.

First few lines:

The huge growth of the internet over the past two decades has infi ltrated many areas of our lives and revolutionised the way many companies and entrepreneurs do business. There’s no doubting that e-commerce is increasingly big business. The UK is the biggest e-commerce nation in the world by population, with 1 in 5 British consumers reporting that they now spend more online than they do in-store and a further 18% saying they spent roughly the same online and in-store...


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