Expedited delivery is a fast delivery service, where parcels are delivered to your recipient much quicker than the normal three days a standard delivery service offers. All expedited deliveries can be delivered in the UK next day. Our drivers can collect your parcel direct from your door or alternatively, you can drop your parcel to a local depot. Parcels can also be sent via expedited international delivery, to over 160 countries across Europe and the rest of the world.  


Express or expedited delivery 

Expedited delivery can often be referred to as express delivery. How this type of delivery is labelled is often down to the discretion of a company, but let there be no confusion they both mean the same thing. 

Why use expedited delivery?


Time Sensitive Contents

Expedited delivery can be particularly helpful when sending time sensitive contents such as; 

  • Documentation: guaranteed next day delivery can be ideal for time critical business documentation or personal documents such as passports 
  • Emergency Parts: in the event of machinery breaking down, we may require an emergency part to get them back up and running
  • Presents: maybe you forgot to send a present on time for your loved ones birthday and need a quick delivery solution to save the day

Fragile Items

Although our drivers are highly experienced in handling fragile items, you may want to send them via expedited delivery to minimise the parcels time through transit. 

Seller in the Marketplace

As a seller in the marketplace, you can send any sold items to your recipients via expedited delivery. Customers’ expectations for faster delivery has rapidly grown in recent years. Buyers can often be put off buying items online, if they see delivery times of 3-5 days. So as a seller, if you can send and deliver any sold items via expedited delivery, you’ll more likely to benefit from positive ratings and perhaps more sales in the future.

If you are a seller on eBay, we can help make your life easier. When you link your eBay and ipostparcels accounts, we can import any sold items directly into our booking form, saving you admin time.


How long does expedited delivery take? 

UK to UK parcels sent via expedited delivery can be sent as quickly as the next day, depending on the contents you need delivered. At ipostparcels we only offer a next day delivery service on all UK deliveries – starting from £1.99* (ex VAT). 
Expedited International delivery can take a little longer, depending on the distance and remoteness from the UK and varies based on the country you are sending your parcel to. At ipostparcels we only offer a fast and affordable International delivery service. Your parcels can arrive with your recipient as fast as 2-3 days*.
All our delivery services come with real time parcel tracking, so you will be able to track your parcel along the way.

What is the difference between standard and expedited shipping?

The difference between the two is simply the delivery time. Standard delivery can take 3-5 days and is often a cheaper alternative – ideal if your parcel doesn’t have a strict time frame. On the other hand, expedited delivery will ensure your goods are delivered as soon as the next day.

How much is expedited delivery?

The cost of expedited delivery can vary based on the urgency of the parcel and also the weight. It does cost more than standard delivery services, but the added cost is worth it should you need a speedy and reliable parcel delivery service. 
Sending a parcel Internationally can cost a little more than requesting delivery in the UK. However, at ipostparcels we offer some of the cheapest international postage rates. Our drivers regularly collect parcels and send them on to many countries around the world, maintaining our premium level of service.
To calculate the cost, simply fill in our quick quote online. Just remember to obtain an exact weight, so we are able to provide the most accurate price.
With ipostparcels, sending your parcels via expedited delivery is cheap, reliable and fast.


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