Sending parcels to anywhere in the UK and Ireland with ipostparcels is easy, affordable and quick – we pride ourselves on offering the UK's cheapest next day delivery. We keep our prices low without compromising our service and offer collection from your home or work address, £25 cover for items (upgradable if required) and a ‘parcel tracker’ service as standard for UK and Ireland deliveries.

By employing the best people to look after the items in our care, we’re able to reassure you that your parcels will arrive intact and in the same condition they were sent.  

There are, however, several things you can do to ensure this happens; right from the start when you decide what to send (is it allowed in the post?), to collection (is my ‘safe place’ safe?) and more - see the guides below for posting help and advice for UK parcel delivery with ipostparcels.


Prohibited items – UK

Sending gifts in the post

Make your ‘safe place’ safe

A guide to: Sending clothes online

A guide to: Sending books online

A guide to: Sending alloy wheels and tyres in the post

A guide to: Sending fluids in the post

A guide to: Sending large and heavy parcels

A guide to: Sending food and drink in the post

A seasonal guide: Thanksgiving gift ideas

A seasonal guide: Popular gifts for Father’s Day

A seasonal guide: 25 Christmas gift ideas for children

A seasonal guide: Sending Christmas presents in the post

A seasonal guide: Sending gifts to your Mum on Mother’s Day

A seasonal guide: Sending gifts for Valentine’s Day across the miles

A seasonal guide: Gifts to send at Easter (that aren’t just Easter eggs!)

A sellers guide to: Sending craftware in the post

A sellers guide to: Cutting postage and packaging costs

A sellers guide to: Making your parcel stand out from the rest

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