Whether you’re mailing a gift to Manchester, putting a parcel in the post bound for Brighton, or sending something to Sheffield, it’s our priority to get it to its destination across our network in the UK.        

We at ipostparcels do everything we can to make sure your parcel is delivered intact and in good time – however there are some things to bear in mind when using our courier service; from ensuring the items inside your package are allowed to be sent by post in the first place to help with packaging your items correctly to protect them from damage in transit.

Take a look at the information below with posting and packaging advice, useful guides on how best to send certain items, information for online sellers and more.

Posting advice 

Sending gifts in the post

Prohibited items – UK

Make your ‘safe place’ safe

A guide to: Sending fluids in the post

A guide to: Sending large and heavy parcels

A guide to: Sending food and drink in the post

A seasonal guide: Thanksgiving gift ideas

A seasonal guide: Popular gifts for Father’s Day

A seasonal guide: 25 Christmas gift ideas for children

A seasonal guide: Sending Christmas presents in the post

A seasonal guide: Sending gifts to your Mum on Mother’s Day

A seasonal guide: Sending gifts for Valentine’s Day across the miles

A seasonal guide: Gifts to send at Easter (that aren’t just Easter eggs!)

A sellers guide to: Sending craftware in the post

A sellers guide to: Cutting postage and packaging costs

A sellers guide to: Making your parcel stand out from the rest

Packaging advice 

Going green with your packaging

A guide to: Sending mobile phones in the post

A guide to: Sending electrical products in the post

A guide to: Sending alloy wheels and tyres in the post

Safe packaging: How to protect items in transit

Safe packaging: Waterproofing and packaging your parcel

Safe packaging: How to send a fragile item without getting it broken

Parcel Lifehacks: How to save money on packaging 

Parcel Lifehacks: Mailing made easier (and cheaper!)

Parcel Lifehacks: How to calculate the weight of your parcel without scales or a ruler

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