You may feel hesitant about sending fragile and high value items by courier, since they require that extra care and attention. However, choosing the right courier will ensure your goods are delivered safely.

Whilst many people are finding alternatives to the Royal Mail based on convenience, there are many couriers in the networks to choose from. Our guide includes all the factors you should consider when looking for the best courier for your high value items.

What are Considered High Value Items?


Valuable items can be measured in the form of sentimental or monetary value. High value items are those that have a high monetary value or those that are irreplaceable and therefore hold sentimental value to the owner. Examples can include birth/marriage certificates, jewellery or precious stones.

It’s worth knowing there are some items that are prohibited or restricted from being sent in the courier network. Before sending your items it’s always good practice to check whether the items you are sending are prohibited or restricted from being sent.

A Reliable Parcel Delivery Service


Since you are placing your valuables in the hands of your courier, you’ll want to ensure that they are reputable and familiar with handling valuable items through their parcel networks.

At ipostparcels, we send 1000’s of parcels through our courier network each day, including fragile and high value items. Our courier drivers are highly experienced and trained to ensure your goods are delivered safely.


Speedy Delivery


Speed is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the best courier for your high value items. Fast delivery times have almost become the norm for any parcel delivery service, but when it comes to high value and fragile items fast delivery times can help minimise the time they spend in transit and therefore, reduce the chance of any loss or damage occurring.

ipostparcels, part of DHL Parcel UK offers next day delivery on all UK deliveries. If your parcel is time sensitive, you are able to opt for a timed delivery slot. International deliveries can vary country to country, but you can choose from 4 shipping options at affordable rates.

Tracking Your High Value Item


It’s always a good idea to go with a courier company who will ensure they communicate with you every step of the way. Being able to track your parcel on its journey to your recipient gives you peace of mind, it is in good hands.

ipostparcels fully tracked service means you are able to track your parcels journey. Our service will mean we will keep you fully updated on the location of your parcel and update you on its current status.

Liability Cover


Whilst your parcel is handled carefully during transit, liability cover is always advised, simply because the occasional loss or damage could occur even with the best couriers in the world. For this reason most courier companies will offer liability cover as standard and additional cover if required.

ipostparcels offer £25 free cover as standard on all UK and Ireland deliveries and £50 for international deliveries. In the instance, your parcel is of higher value you have the option to upgrade with additional cover to the maximum value of £1000.

Band Liability Limit A To the Value between £25.00 and £75.00 B To the Value between £75.00 and £250.00 C To the Value between £250.00 and £500.00 D To the Value between £500.00 and £1000.00 *.


Liability Limit


To the Value between £25.00 and £75.00


To the Value between £75.00 and £250.00


To the Value between £250.00 and £500.00


To the Value between £500.00 and £1000.00

Sending a parcel with ipostparcels is quick, easy and cheap. You can send a parcel with next day delivery within the UK from £1.99* (ex VAT) or internationally from 2-3 days to over 160 countries worldwide from £7.74* (ex VAT).

*Please see our terms and conditions for further information around our liability cover


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