What should you send in a student care package?

Students new to higher education such as college or university - the majority of them living out of home for the first time - will soon no doubt have that initial excitement at least in part replaced with longing and they’ll be pining for a few creature comforts. This is where parents, family members and friends come in - there are few better ways to make your studying loved ones happy than to send them a perfectly planned care package. With delivery rates so low with ipostparcels, you can get away with sending a sizeable stash of goodies, too.

Here are just a few of the best things to include:

Instant noodles, soup sachets and porridge pots

Student loan payments might seem big at first, but they don’t often last long. When the off-license has been emptied and the weekly budget no longer stretches to a gourmet meal in the local pub, your student will be looking high and low for cheap and filling sustenance. A chunky supply of instant noodles is always going to be well received. Regardless of brand or even flavour, they tend to be extremely cheap and lightweight to send. It's cultured cuisine too, right? Sachets of soups are always handy and come in a range of flavours; all they have to do is add some bread to complete the meal. And for slow-release energy to help those brain cells work their hardest, instant porridge pots will go down a treat.

Book tokens

Sticking with the ongoing quest for extra funds, it's pretty normal for students to put partying above studying and tipples ahead of tomes. With this in mind, most will appreciate receiving a few book tokens in the post. With e-retailers usually the first call for new study materials, it's even possible to pay for vouchers online before printing them at home, ready to send. If you're sending coupons or gift cards for bricks-and-mortar stores, just check there's a branch near the recipient's halls of residence.


You might not want to know what your student is getting up to while they're away from home - especially if it's your son or daughter - but it's best to make sure they're safe whatever it is. Most medical facilities will go out of their way to put contraceptives in the pockets of excitable students; after all, keeping infection and pregnancy rates down among unprepared youngsters is very much in their interests too. While you're sending something the recipient probably has easy access to already, it doesn't hurt to reinforce the importance of protection.

Laundry detergent

Ok, so these might not seem like the most exciting of goodies to get in a parcel, but a pack of the same laundry pods or liquid as is used at home can bring lots of comfort; not only is it going to help with costs of keeping the clothes clean (most laundrettes are actually quite expensive, including the washing powder they sell) but the smell of the detergent can be a reassuring one.

A picture

Of all the things they're missing, your away-from-home loved one is probably missing you the most - even if they don't admit it. A group photo or portrait of you and them in a nice frame is definitely the next best thing to being there. Just remember to pack the frame wisely, especially if there’s glass in it, and everything will be fine.

Favourite food

Sending their favourite crisps, chocolates or other snacks can be a wonderful treat to receive – and is usually absolutely fine to send in the post, just stick to items in their original packaging from the manufacturer. Home baked goods can be a bit of a no go though – anything that can go off in transit can’t be sent in the post.  

Underwear and socks

Bo-RING! But when the elastic’s gone in the undies and not one of the 17 socks in the drawer match – a supply of unmentionables and undergarments is a wonder to behold. You could even wash them before sending to make them smell nice and be ready to wear straight away.


Most dorm rooms and student accommodations don’t allow candles to be burned – for obvious reasons, they’re a fire hazard – but by the same token, a lot of those rooms get a bit on the ponky side. A reed diffuser is a great alternative; they make the place smell nice and won’t catch alight to anything. Winning!

There are so many small things you can send to your student when they are away from home – isn’t it nice to be able to rely on ipostparcels to deliver the goods? And with convenient parcel collection from the sending address, with next day delivery to Mainland UK, they’ll be getting their goodies in no time at all.

Get an idea of the costs to send parcels in the UK here.

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