What customers expect from delivery

What your customer wants when it comes to a delivery service is the option to scale their delivery option according to how long they are prepared to wait for delivery. Delivery is a key part of the online customer experience, particularly in retail, and the price and delivery options available may sway a buyer’s decision to purchase at all.
If your company needs to deliver a parcel to someone as soon as possible, you want to use a service you can trust. ipostparcel work seamlessly alongside you to offer next day cheapest parcel delivery in the UK, ensuring you and your customers get a great service. 

The Amazon effect

Having become used to fast delivery services such as Amazon, customers are even less tolerant of limited delivery services when ordering online. 
In fact, YouGov's consumer survey on delivery, found some key take-aways regarding next day delivery:
  • Free delivery is the top of everyone’s demands
  • Next day delivery was the preferred delivery service for most consumers 
  • 50% wouldn’t be prepared to pay extra for next day
  • However 38% would pay up to £5
Deciding at which point (if any) you are prepared to offer a discount free next day delivery is an individual business decision, factoring in margins and volume sales. 
So for example you may be comfortable offering free next day delivery on multiple item purchases, or to the value of £100+, if your profit margins makes sense to do so - in order to maximise your appeal to the consumer. 
For this reason, ipostparcels is a popular choice for people who run businesses on eBay, as we offer discounts for multiple loads.

Offering a convenient choice

So while it may or may not be feasible to offer free next day delivery, it may be sensible to offer some choice, with a scalable cost for standard or next day delivery. 
It is also a good idea to select a delivery service that offers flexibility beyond price, to improve the overall customer service experience. Be sure to clarify these details with your preferred delivery service. 
For example, ipostparcels aim to give you and your customer’s peace of mind, by offering added value services including:
  • A choice to receive delivery advice notifications both before and after the delivery by text or email.
  • Tracking your parcel using your shipment number via our website so you know exactly where it is at any time.
  • £25 contents cover for all next day UK parcel delivery comes as standard and is free with all delivery orders, should something unexpected happen.
  • Cover values can be increased to higher levels for added reassurance if required.

Setting up your delivery options

Displaying your delivery options, including next day delivery and any applicable thresholds for free next day delivery, is crucial for getting it right and keeping your customer’s informed throughout the checkout process - from the product page, to the shopping basket and final checkout screen.
Calculating what you need to charge for next day delivery may also depend on your stock and the size of particular items. Here is a guide to our ipostparcels parcel breakdown according to the size of the parcels you will be sending.
If you are a seller on eBay, we can help make your life even easier. When you link your eBay and ipostparcels accounts, we can import any sold items directly into our booking form, saving you the time with every parcel.

Choosing a delivery service you can trust

While next day delivery options may help a customer buy in the first place, it is the actual delivery experience which has the biggest impact on whether they are likely to return. For small and large businesses alike, using a reliable next day delivery service is crucial to the reputation of your business, especially when sending high value or fragile items.
While the item in question may be out of your hands at this stage, making sure you choose a next day delivery provider with great customer service, flexible delivery options and on-time arrival are key when considering your customers’ expectations and protecting your reputation.  
Let’s face it, it is likely to be the retailer (you) who takes the blame when a courier fails to fulfil a customer’s expectation. How you can handle this, is to use a reliable next day delivery service, whenever a customer shops via your site. 

Your next day delivery checklist

Here is your round-up of what to consider when offering a next day delivery service:
  • Which service options will you customers expect to have?
  • Is the price of next day delivery appealing to customers?
  • Is discounted or free next day delivery an option for you?
  • Is the courier reputable with a good performance record?
  • Are detailed tracking facilities available?
  • Are additional customer service benefits such as content cover include?
  • Is your Next Day Delivery clearly listed on your website?


How to book next day parcel collection and delivery 

To start sending parcels straight away, all you need to do is register with us – it’s a very simply registration process and only takes a few moments. Provided you book your parcel in before midnight, it can be collected tomorrow and will be delivered to anywhere in mainland UK the next day.
Furthermore, if you’re based near one of our 50+ depot locations, you can drop off your parcel for delivery the next day and save £1.25 on each consignment.
Whether you need to send one parcel or a bundle of them, we can provide the next day UK delivery solutions your customer need. 
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