ipostparcels allows you to send worldwide easily, reliably and at a great price – with convenient collection from your home or work and free cover up to £50, one hour window slots and parcel  tracking as standard, you can rest easy when sending internationally.

Your parcel is our priority and our aim is to deliver it safely and on time -  though as it can travel thousands of miles our global network to reach their destinations, packing sensibly with appropriate materials will help ensure they arrive as they should.

Consider though, that international shipments are handled by a vast network of conveyors, aircraft, vehicles and people, so it remains the responsibility of you - the sender - to ensure adequate packaging is used. See below for helpful advice on packaging for sending parcels abroad. 


Going green with your packaging

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Parcel Lifehacks: How to save money on packaging

Parcel Lifehacks: Mailing made easier (and cheaper!)

Parcel Lifehacks: How to package parcels for international delivery

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