You may have plans to sell a number of items on eBay and you may have even already found the perfect eBay courier in ipostparcels to ship the goods to your buyers, but with the masses of items currently for sale on eBay, it can be hard to make your particular item stand out to get it sold in the first place.

We’ve put together a list of our top tips to ensure you can boost your chances of selling an item on eBay. But, before you list your item ensure that you’re also aware of what it will cost to ship your parcel; either in the UK or Internationally. Get a quick quote based on your parcels size, weight and dimensions. 

Be clear and accurate

The buyer wants to understand exactly what you are selling. That means including important information such as the brand or manufacturer, size / measurements, colour, the condition of the items (new or used), how old it is and everything that’s included in the lot.

What specifications you include will depend on the item – so try to put yourself in the role of the buyer; what would you like to know about it? Make a list and ensure that you include the most important information at the beginning of your description, because the buyer may not bother to read the whole thing.

It's really important not to lie – or even stretch the truth - about the item either, so don't say it's new when it's used and remember to state whether the item is at all damaged or not, even if it's only got one or two scratches on it. Not telling the truth will you probably see you forced to refund the buyer's money and you'll quite likely receive negative feedback. Feedback is very important on eBay as it's how a seller knows if you are trustworthy or not. The better your feedback, the more sales you could secure.

Make it readable

Most importantly, a buyer needs to be able to read your description and make sense of it. It’s easy to think that writing in capitals will make your description stand out or be more readable, but capitals can come across as aggressive and may put some buyers off completely.

At the same time, don't use a font that’s too fancy or too small to read easily. Pick a standard font (text) and keep it to a sensible size - anything between 11 and 14 should be fine – and stick with a plain font colour.

You should also leave out any HTML - while these look fine when viewed on a laptop or desktop, mobile users might not be able to read your description. If you don't make your descriptions readable on mobile, you're losing out on a huge potential market, as so many people use their mobile devices to make their preliminary searches for things they’re looking to buy.

Be creative

Some eBay users say that including a personal note (such as a story or an opinion on why the item is special) has boosted their sales. So don't be afraid to be a little bit creative when it comes to writing your description. Just remember that the information or story should be relevant to the item and it should be at the very bottom of your description.

Check it over

When you've written up what you think is a good eBay description, make sure you double-check everything. Ensure you've used correct grammar and spellings. If this isn’t your strong point, ask someone else to read it through for you or at least use a spell-checking function. In addition, pay attention to how it reads; make sure everything isn't written in one solid paragraph;   separate different points in to their own paragraphs - no-one wants to read a huge block of text.

Follow these simple guidelines and you should stand more of a chance at successfully selling those unwanted items on eBay. 


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