Choosing ipostparcels as your go-to delivery service will obviously keep costs down on shipping fees, as we are an affordable, reliable courier for UK and international destinations.

Saving money on packaging is a little trickier; you need to balance the costs of packing materials without compromising the security and protection of the goods you’re sending. The outer packaging needs to be sturdy and free of marks, old labels, wear and tear and the inner packaging must cushion and absorb any impact from the rigours of transportation.
So what can you do to save money in the packaging department while still protecting the goods you’re sending in the post?

Reuse, Recycle!

Reuse boxes and you'll not only save pounds but do your bit to help the environment too!

Avoid boxes that have been used too many times and beware boxes with creases or tears. This is particularly true with larger boxes or when sending heavier items, as any damage will impact the structure and make it less likely to withstand any bumps in the journey.

If you don't have access to used boxes, check with local shops - they often have more cardboard than they can deal with and will likely have to pay to recycle it. Make friends with a staff member and offer to take boxes off their hands. Not only will you be getting free packaging that's likely to be mostly regular in size, you’ll be reducing waste in the short term.

Recycle packaging materials that you receive yourself – and ask friends and family members to save items for you!

Build up a stash of packaging materials such as bubble wrap, air bags and packing peanuts by keeping any that you receive - provided they're still in a good working order. Packing peanuts can be easily stored in a large bin bag or box and topped up whenever you get more. Watch out for bubble wrap that has been wrapped in sticky tape though - it's almost impossible to peel off.

Newspapers are always a good go-to for recycled packaging. When screwed up, the paper will make very sturdy packaging for delicate items. You can also use shredded paper - just make sure that none of the shredded sheets are confidential, as the information may still be legible!

Think outside the box (for what goes inside the box!)

Try lightweight alternative packaging solutions such as popcorn! Obviously, it’ll have to be unsalted, un-sugared and non-flavoured; plain corn that you pop at home could make a great green alternative to Styrofoam filling – and it's cheaper.  Just remember when sending internationally to check that corn isn’t a prohibited item in the destination country.


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