There are few things more frustrating than waiting around for a package only for it to turn up damaged. The anger and disappointment caused by this scenario can be hugely damaging for the relationship between sender and recipient, especially when in the case of commercial deliveries.   

With this in mind, it's little wonder so many Brits rely on couriers to deliver fragile packages. Whether delivering parcels for commercial or personal reasons, these senders enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their courier service utilises many methods to protect their parcel.

Packaging - For starters, a courier can help their customer package their item in a safe manner. It is often recommended to cover a fragile item with bubble wrap and cushioning before sealing it with strong packaging material. Couriers are often happy to help ensure you have done this. After all, it's their reputation on the line should the package turn up damaged.

Delivery - Courier companies are aware how important some items they handle are to the sender and recipient. That's why they ensure drivers go through background checks. They also undergo a number of performance standards tests, so that customers can have the utmost trust in the individuals handling their goods.

Courier vans make use of strong containers to help protects goods from being knocked about in transit. Bumpy roads and poor weather should make no difference to the state of your package.  

Parcel depotsParcel depots are staffed with reliable employees around the world who have it drilled into them how important it is to take care of fragile packages. Automated sorting technology has improved over the years to help ensure parcels are treated more gently.

Tracking technology - Tracking technology helps both the sender and recipient ensure that their packaging is delivered to the correct address at the correct time. This dramatically reduces the already slim possibility of a package being lost in transit, stolen or damaged.

On the rare occasion that something goes wrong and a package turns up damaged, most customers will automatically have the rights to compensation. Packages up to a certain value will automatically be insured against damage and all good courier companies will enquire as to the value of a package to ensure that customers are indeed covered. In most cases, they will be able to pay for extra contents cover for expensive packages.
We're all too busy to spend our time worrying about an important package getting damaged on the way to it's location. We certainly could do without the stress that comes with replacing a damaged item. That's why so many people choose to use courier services to deliver their packages
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