Whether you are selling clothes after a clear-out or you are a small business owner selling goods, you are sure to find an interested buyer on eBay – you just need to make sure your listing can be easily found and the price is right.

With our 9 simple steps for selling success, you can enhance the visibility of your listing, improve your seller rating and reduce your shipping costs so whether you’re an eBay newbie or a regular seller, your items will be flying out the door in no time.

Step 1: Reputation is everything

Buyers prefer to buy an item from a seller with a 5-star rating over one with a poor rating or no rating at all. You can easily grow your eBay rating by sending items using our next day delivery service and responding to any questions in a timely manner.

If you are just starting out on eBay and haven’t sold any items yet, you can still build your rating by buying items. To get started, buy a few low-cost items and rate the seller afterwards. The seller should then return the favour with a positive review for you too.

Step 2: Link your eBay account with ipostparcels

If you are selling lots of items on eBay then you can save time by linking your eBay account with ipostparcels. When you sell an item, we’ll input all of the recipient’s details into our booking form, saving you precious admin time. Link your accounts here.

Step 3: Do your research

There’s a wide array of items for sale on eBay so it’s likely that someone else is selling an item which is similar to yours. To save time, search for similar listings and use the ‘Sell one like this’ button. This will automatically fill in the description, category and price fields – all you need to do is edit as you see fit.

Step 4: Get the description right

You are competing against hundreds of different eBay listings so your title and description need to be strong to make sure potential customers can find your listing. Try to think of keywords which individuals would search when looking for your item and make sure you lead with this information.

Below we give some examples of good and bad eBay listing titles.

 Good titles  Bad titles
 Adidas Men's blue Glide running shoes size 11  Men's trainers
 Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold  iPhone
 Zara Blue and White striped skater skirt size 8  Women's skirt

Step 5: Take lots of photos

Under eBay rules, you can only use stock photography for brand-new goods and not second-hand items so the buyer can see the condition the item is in.

Photos should look professional but not altered (avoid using filters). The photographs should be taken against a plain background, in a well-lit room and from several different angles. The item should fill the entire frame and no parts should be cut off. We recommend taking a couple of shots which show the size of the item. You can do this by laying a tape measure or ruler next to the item.

If the item is damaged then show this in your photos. It is better to be upfront about any damage then not mention it and get caught out when the seller receives the item. This could have a negative impact on your seller rating.

Step 6: Package securely

To improve your seller rating, make sure your parcel is packed securely. If sending something breakable, wrap in plenty of bubble wrap and use internal packaging to make sure your item can’t move around in transit. Take a look at our packaging guide for more advice on how to send your parcel safely.

If you are a small business, you could incorporate some of your branding into the package for a professional look and feel. A cheap and easy way to do this is by printing stickers with your logo on it. Why not wrap the item in tissue paper and seal with the branded sticker for a professional finish?

Step 7: Work out cost of postage

We offer some of the cheapest next day delivery rates in the UK, with prices starting from just £1.99* (ex VAT) so you could save money by using ipostparcels compared to other carriers.

Before setting your postage price, work out how much it will cost for you to send the item. Start by measuring and weighing your parcel and then fill in our quick quote form to find out how much it will cost to send.

Step 8: Take advantage of savings from ipostparcels

One way to make your listing stand out is by offering cheap postage. We understand that every penny counts and that’s why we have lots of ways you can save money to bring down the cost of postage:

  • Drop off at a DHL Parcel depot and save £1.25
  • Use our collection service when sending multiple parcels in one order and save £1 for every additional parcel
  • Save up to £35 when you use our pre-pay service

Step 9: Provide tracking information

You can track your parcel right up to your recipient’s address, and for added peace of mind you can specify that you want the parcel to be signed for on delivery. We also recommend providing your recipient with the tracking number so they can view live updates and make changes to their delivery.

When placing the booking, make sure you give your recipient’s email address. We can then keep them in the loop with regular email updates about the status of their delivery, including a 1-hour time slot on the morning of the delivery.

Offering tracking and delivery updates will help to establish you as a reputable seller and in turn, will improve your seller rating.


Visit our eBay hub for more guidance and advice on selling and shipping items.

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