Sending parcels to Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and second largest in South America. Its name derives from the Spanish word for silvery, thanks to the abundance of the mineral, which has helped Argentina become one of the biggest producers on earth.

The capital of Buenos Aires is also the country's largest city. Famous as a nation for the vibrant yet sensuous Tango, Argentines also care passionately about food and football.

A member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) since the late 1800s, Correo Argentino is the state-owned postal service which manages the country's mail.

Dispute with the UK over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands has caused a drop in UK exports to Argentina in the last few years, combined with a slowing in the country's economy. Despite this there still exist plenty of opportunities for UK businesses to export to Argentina, whilst individuals will still want to send packages to friends and relatives residing across the Atlantic.

The fact that it has the highest English language proficiency in South America, combined with only a four hour time difference, make it a relatively easy to conduct business negotiations with Argentina.

Import restrictions

It's important to be aware that Argentina has a list of fairly complex import restrictions. As well as an extensive list of chemicals which are prohibited or only admitted conditionally, dyes such as food colourings carry restrictions and corn (maize) is also prohibited.

In addition there are restrictions on food items such as tea, coffee, vinegar and cocoa. The full list of restrictions can be found on the UPU website.

As a non-EU country, the relevant customs forms must be completed. If the package's contents are worth more than £270, you'll need to complete and attach the CN23 form. Anything under that value should be sent with the CN22.

It is also possible that the receiver will be obligated to pay a customs charge. The UPU link above provides a guide to parcel values that are affected by this. According to the UPU, parcels containing non-commercial articles, whose Freight on Board (FOB) value does not exceed 900 USD (approx. £600) may be admitted on the basis of a customs declaration without the addressee being required to be on the Register of Importers. Items with non-commercial contents of a value less than 25 USD are not subject to customs dues.

Careful packaging

With a journey of roughly 7,000 miles ahead of it, your parcel faces quite the trek, so it's wise to package it carefully, keeping it safe against any unavoidable bumps in the journey. Choose a sturdy box and pad it well with packaging materials. Make sure to write the address clearly on the box with ARGENTINA in capital letters. Following these guidelines will help your parcel on its way and ensure it arrives safely at its destination.

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