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Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Australia

Are you packing up a parcel to post Down Under? Worried about which items you can send to Australia without getting caught out at customs? We’ll bring you up to speed on everything you need to know with this guide, so you can leave the speedy delivery to us.

Send a Parcel to Australia

Delivery Time: 4-5 days by Air

Price: From £18.52 exc VAT (£22.22 inc VAT)

We collect from your door | Send up to 25kg | Free £50 contents cover included as standard | Extended contents cover available up to £1,000 | Save £1.25 by dropping off at one of our 50+ depots



4-5 day express (by Air)

From £18.52* (ex VAT)

Prohibited Items:

Dangerous goods, hazardous materials, firearms and more

(Click to see other prohibited items)

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**From pricing based on 0.5KG parcel with 10cmx10cmx10cm dimensions. Pricing varies depending on weights and dimensions.  

Delivering to Australia from the UK

To all cities including;

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and more...

Australia may be located on the other side of the planet (9,500 miles away to be precise), but sending parcels there is extremely easy. All you need to do is register with us – it’s quick to do -  and either choose to have your parcel collected from your home or work, or drop it off at one of our nationwide depots, then we’ll take care of the rest. 

Why ipostparcels?

  • Convenient Collection– From home or work
  • Free £50 cover – Additional cover can be added
  • Online Tracking – Track your parcel throughout its journey
  • Delivery Notifications – For both you and your recipient
  • No queues – We collect from your door

How long will it take?

We offer a door to door courier service to Australia from the UK to make postage as quick and convenient as possible.

Once your parcel reaches the depot (whether collected from you or dropped off directly), it will be sorted and transported through the night to an international hub. Here it will begin its journey to Australia, arriving and being signed for by your recipient within 4-5 days.

Please note – national and state holidays in 2018 which may affect delivery times to Australia: Jan 1, 26/ Feb 12 / Mar 5, 12, 30, 31 / Apr 2, 3, 25 / May 7  / Jun 4, 11 / Aug 6, 15 / Sep 24 / Oct 1 / Nov 5, 6 / Dec 25, 26

How much is it going to cost?  

We’re proud of our budget-friendly prices for postage to Australia. Take a look below for the latest costs.

  Smaller Sized Parcels 10x10x10cm  

  Medium Sized Parcels 30x30x30cm  

  Large Sized Parcels 80x80x80cm  


£20.88* (ex VAT)


£35.63* (ex VAT)


£485.85* (ex VAT)


£34.14* (ex VAT)


£35.63* (ex VAT)


£485.85(ex VAT)


£48.68* (ex VAT)


£48.68* (ex VAT)


£485.85(ex VAT)


£91.85* (ex VAT)


£91.85* (ex VAT)


£485.85* (ex VAT)

* from prices are depot drop off and delivery economy service, prices exclude VAT
** price as quoted on 31.05.18

Do I need to deal with Australian Customs?

For any parcel heading outside of the EU, you’ll need to fill out a customs form. This tells the Customs Agents about the contents of your package so they can process it properly.

There are two different types for Australia-bound parcels – one for goods up to a value of £270 and another for goods over that amount. If you leave off any important details or use the wrong form, it could lead to delays or even seizure of your parcel by Customs.

You may be thinking about sending a friend or loved one some of their things, or personal effects, from the UK to make them feel more at home. Should you wish to send Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPE) to Australia, you must take special care in declaring the contents accurately and fully. Personal effects shipments must be declared to the Australian Border Force on a B534 Form, which can be completed at origin. An invoice, packing list and photocopy of the owner’s passport photo page are also required. All UPE shipments require examination by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and will attract additional fees in the region of around $165 AUD, plus any additional admin fees and GST (tax) which could be up to around $150 AUD. Please expect clearance delays of approx. 4-5 days.

This may sound complicated, but we’ll help automatically generate these documents for you from the information you provide on the booking form. You’ll just need to print and sign these documents, place them in an envelope marked ‘customs documents’ and attach them securely to the outside of the package.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Australia.

What items can’t I send to Australia?

Australia has some of the more vigilant procedures and regulations surrounding importations. Because of its reliance on agriculture, many things that are allowed are subject to close inspection and quarantine by Australian officials, who keep a very close eye on all imports (especially agricultural products).

You’re not allowed to ship any meat or dairy products, nor can you send vegetables, plants or soil. This even applies to items that have been in contact with foreign soil. Vehicles must be rigorously cleaned to ensure no foreign soil enters the country and the same can apply to gardening equipment or anything that has been outdoors, such as furniture or bikes.

Australian Quarantine has recently tightened regulations required to import baby formula (milk powder) into Australia. All quantities of baby formula MUST have an Import Permit and Health Certificate to satisfy AU Quarantine requirements. Please visit the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website for import permit application.

For a full and up to date list of restricted items, see the Australian Government website, but some examples of items you can’t post to Australia include:


Restricted and Prohibited Goods


Illegal and dangerous



Flammable fuels and liquids


Fruits and vegetables

Corrosive products


Dairy products



Meat, chicken or fish products

Firearms Pornography

Baby formula (milk powder)

Drugs (perscription or illicit) Precious metals and stones


Please be aware that we also have our own prohibited items list, in addition to country-specific restrictions. 

How to package parcels to Australia

Australia is a long way for a parcel to travel, so you’ll need to make sure yours is packaged carefully to ensure your items reach their destination in one piece. A strong outer box clearly addressed and with the correct forms adhered to the outside is vital; and filling any inner space with lightweight materials such as bubble wrap or packaging chips to limit movement, will also help protect your items in transit.

Need advice on packaging? See our handy international packaging guide for tips and advice. 

How safe will my parcel be?

There’s no reason to worry about your parcel when you send to Australia with us – it’s in safe hands! But if you’re concerned at all, our free, online parcel tracking system will give you complete visibility of your parcel throughout its whole journey.

We also provide £50 free extended cover on your item to give you additional peace of mind, or you can choose to add extra cover to more valuable items if you wish.  

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Did you know?

Australia is technically both the world’s largest island and its smallest continent, but most of us think big when it comes to what’s Down Under; it’s as wide as the distance between London and Moscow, the largest property is the size of Israel, and it has one of the longest straight roads in the world at 90 miles long!



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