Just Soaps Case Study

The Background - Just Soaps was formed back in 2006 after Jane Weiss started to make an olive oil soap without any chemical additives or preservatives for her granddaughter who developed severe Eczema. Jane soon found mothers of her granddaughter’s friends were all asking for some soap which she was giving away.

In 2006 Jane and her husband decided to see if they could create a business with their soaps. And Just Soaps was formed.

The Requirement - In the early years Jane sold her soaps at Farmers Markets often standing at 25 per month, so postage was not an issue then.

However, once Just Soaps launched their website, sales increased and they found the need to mail products to customers. This soon became a challenge especially over the last couple of years with Royal Mail altering their prices and size formats – for example if they put 12 bars of soap in a jiffy bag it will cost £2.85 in postage, if they put them in a box it will cost £5.80.

Jane began her research to find a low cost, reliable parcel delivery company and contacted many courier firms but found that their average monthly send of larger/heavier parcels was not high enough to be able to open an account or they were just not interested in Micro businesses.  

The Solution - Their online business was increasing year on year, with many of their small parcels still going via RM but their larger parcel orders are increasing all the time. Jane came across ipostparcels.com whilst looking for reliable couriers and found that using the online system was easy and straightforward. They knew at each stage just how much their order will be and also found that being able to add notes for the driver was very useful. They’re also fortunate that an ipostparcels.com depot is not too far away from where they are based enabling them to take advantage of gaining extra discount by dropping off their parcels to the depot if passing.

The Results - Just Soaps have been using ipostparcels for about a year now, with the ‘open basket’ function on the ipostparcels.com website, Just Soaps are able to enter all their parcels onto the system throughout the day and then make one payment at the close of business. The ‘pay as you go’ aspect of the service works well for Just Soaps as they can pay easily via paypal or bank card and there are no nasty invoices taking them by surprise at the end of the month.

"We are really pushing the website now with a large proportion of our sales coming via the internet so having affordable and reliable couriers is most important to us. ipostparcels.com has been a God send for us, it’s so easy to use and convenient.

When I did have one slight hiccup, customer services were fantastic and able to rectify the situation swiftly keeping me informed throughout.

Any business can have a situation where occasionally things can go wrong – it is what they do about it that matters. For reliable, affordable and friendly service I would definitely recommend ipostparcels.com." - Jane Weiss - Owner, Just Soaps of the Earth


You can find Jane’s Olive Oil Soaps and Skincare at www.justsoapsoftheearth.co.uk



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