Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

Next Day, UK Parcel Delivery from £1.99* (ex VAT)

International delivery from 2+ days*

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Parcel delivery and courier service to the United Arab Emirates

When you need to send a parcel to the UAE, look no further than to send it with ipostparcels. You’ll not only benefit from our many years of delivery experience, but we employ some of the best people in the industry too, and with a 3 day worldwide air service from collection or drop off, you can be sure to have it arrive quickly and safely, in the same condition as it was sent.

To all cities and towns including; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain and more…

Looking for a fast and cheap courier service to the United Arab Emirates from the UK? ipostparcels will provide you with the best price and most convenience, from booking to delivery. All you need to do is register with us, which only takes a few moments, then you can book your parcel via our simple to use website – its so easy to use and allows you to arrange for collection from your home or work and delivery in just a few days.

Book online before midnight and one of our friendly drivers will collect your parcel the very next day – or you can select a different day to suit you - and we’ll deliver it to its destination in 3 days with our worldwide air service. We also give free contents cover to the value of £50 as standard on all International deliveries, free online tracking and what we believe are some of the best prices you can find for delivery to the UAE.

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Your parcel will travel over 5500 miles, be delivered in 3 days and will cost as little as £28.06* (ex VAT)

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How much will it cost?

We’re proud of our International parcel delivery rates, and keep our costs for sending to UAE as low as possible, with collection and delivery from just £29.36* (ex VAT). You can also drop your parcel off at one of our 52+ nationwide depots and save an additional £1.30 on our parcel delivery services for small to medium and large sized parcels weighing up to 25kg.

Parcel Weight


1kg Parcel Delivery to UAE

From £31.48* (ex VAT)

5kg Parcel Delivery to UAE

From £48.44* (ex VAT)

10kg Parcel Delivery to UAE

From £69.64* (ex VAT)

25kg Parcel Delivery to UAE

From £133.24* (ex VAT)

How long will it take to deliver?

Not only do we offer some of the best priced courier services from the UK to the United Arab Emirates, it’s speedy too – even to the Arabian Peninsular, you can still expect delivery to take just 3 days. Note that we always aim to deliver your items within these timescales, sometimes it can take a little longer for your parcel to arrive, especially to more remote areas.

Remember, to ensure the quickest delivery possible, you should also be aware of what you can and can’t send in the post, particularly to Middle Eastern countries – all items will need clearance through Customs, so ensure you label everything clearly and correctly to avoid any unnecessary delays and costs. See [below for more information on UAE customs].

Please note – national and local holidays in 2018 which may affect delivery times to the UAE:
Jan 1 / Apr 13 / Jun 14, 15, 16 / Aug 20, 21, 22, 23 / Sep 11 / Nov 19, 30 / Dec 2, 3

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Your parcel is in safe hands when you send it with ipostparcels so there’s no need to worry. We offer a free, online parcel tracking system to give you full visibility of the parcel on its journey. And if that’s not enough to ease your mind, we provide £50 free contents cover on your item – you can choose to add extra cover if you wish.

Do I need to deal with UAE customs?

For any parcel heading outside of the EU, you’ll need to fill out a customs form. This tells the Customs Agents in the destination country about the contents of your package so they can process it correctly.

As with most international postings, when you send a parcel to the United Arab Emirates from the UK, there are sometimes additional customs duties and import taxes that need to be paid, depending on the contents.  For example, shipments with a value greater than USD $270 will attract 5% duty and clearance delays. When preparing your package, include an inventory describing all the contents help expedite clearance.

Sending personal effects to the UAE requires additional declaration, and the same duty applies as above if the goods are not used or any items appear to be in commercial quantities.  You will need to include a written list of all the goods and a copy of the recipients passport / visa will be required.

If this sounds like a bit of a challenge, don’t worry - when you book your delivery with ipostparcels, we will provide you with all the correct forms you need to help your parcel through both UK and UAE customs.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for the United Arab Emirates.

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What items can't I send to UAE?

Before booking your courier service to the UAE, please check that all the items you’re planning on sending are allowed; sometimes regular, every day products to us in the UK are in fact restricted or prohibited to send to other countries. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a Muslim country and as such, there are strict regulations around many items; in particular those which could cause offence to the Muslim culture. Please be mindful of this when sending parcels to the United Arab Emirates and err on the side of caution – check carefully any goods which may not be allowed, and check each time you send something as the regulations can change from time to time.

For more information on restricted and prohibited items for UAE and how to avoid bringing banned items into the country– visit the Government of Dubai website.

Products such as alcohol, fresh (perishable) foodstuffs and narcotics are not only prohibited to send to United Arab Emirates, they’re also on the ipostparcels prohibited list - take a look at the full list before you prepare to send your parcel. In the meantime, some examples of items you can’t post to the UAE include:

Restricted and Prohibited Goods


Illegal and dangerous



Meat, poultry and fish

Drugs, alcohol and chemicals Any objects, sculptures, paintings, books or magazines which do not adhere to religious and moral values of the UAE

Eggs and dairy products

Asbestos Endangered animal species

Perishable goods

Weapons, firearms and explosives Precious metals and stones

Please be aware that we also have our own prohibited items list, in addition to country-specific restrictions.

How to package parcels to the United Arab Emirates

Depending where in the UK you send your parcel from, the distance to the UAE is likely to be around 4000 miles, which is why we advise taking a little extra care when getting your parcels ready for transport. All parcels will go through a number of depots with both manual handling and automated sorting machines, and of course the road and air transit to get all the way to the Middle East.

At ipostparcels, we can carry up to 25kg in weight and 80x80x80cm max in size, but no matter what the size or weight, always use a strong outer box to send your items in and remember not to  overfill it. Don’t forget to use a lightweight cushioning material to help protect the contents from moving around too much in transit and becoming damaged.

For further advice on how best to prepare you parcels for International delivery, take a look at our handy International packaging guide.

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How safe will my parcel be?

We pride ourselves on our excellent courier services we offer around the world, right from your first quote to the moment your parcel arrive in your recipient’s hands. We also take the responsibility of delivering parcels very seriously, so don’t worry about your package arriving in the UAE safely, it’s in good hands. You’ll have visibility of your parcel throughout its journey, for free, as standard with our online tracking service – and we provide free £50 contents cover on all International items, with the option to upgrade to extra cover if the value of your parcel is more than that.


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