The Cheapest Next Day Delivery in the UK

Send today from £1.99* (ex VAT)

The Cheapest Next Day Delivery in the UK

Send today from £1.99* (ex VAT)

Parcel delivery and courier service to Portugal

Portugal is part of the EU so sending a parcel there from the UK is easy with ipostparcels. Nowonder we send so many parcels across the country; we offer economy road and worldwide air delivery services, so whether your parcel is urgent or less so, one of these options will meet your needs.

See how much it will cost to deliver a parcel to Portugal by simply entering the weight and dimensions into the quote box. Then, when you’re ready to send your parcel, all you need to do is register (don’t worry, it only takes a couple of minutes) and provide us with the relevant collection and delivery details.

To all cities including: Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Cascais, Loures, Villa Nova de Gaia, Amadora, Matosinhis and more...

Sending a parcel to Portugal with ipostparcels is incredibly easy.  You can book in now with a few clicks on your screen once registered. Our drivers will come to collect your parcel from your home or even your work address for free on a day of your choosing.

We provide some of the best prices you will find online, but this doesn’t mean we compromise on the level of service we offer.  

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Your parcel will travel over 1000 miles, be delivered in 5-6 days and will cost as little as £14.74* (ex VAT)

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How much will it cost?

Sending a parcel to Portugal is cheap and convenient with collection and delivery costs from just £15.99 for economy delivery, or if you’d like to save yourself an additional £1.25, drop your parcel off at one of our 52 nationwide depots.

Our worldwide air courier service to Portugal prices start at just £21.76 for depot drop off.

Take a look at the most up to date costs here.

Parcel Weight


1kg Parcel Delivery to Portugal

From £14.74* (ex VAT)

5kg Parcel Delivery to Portugal

From £14.74* (ex VAT)

10kg Parcel Delivery to Portugal

From £14.74* (ex VAT)

25kg Parcel Delivery to Portugal

From £14.74* (ex VAT)

How long will it take to deliver?

ipostparcels provides cheap and convenient door to door courier services from the UK to Portugal. 

Whether you choose to have your parcels collected from your home or work address in the UK, you can usually expect delivery of your parcels within 2-3 days using our worldwide air service or 5-6 days via economy road from the time of collection.

We will make every effort to get your items delivered within these timescales, but sometimes it can take longer for your parcel to arrive to more remote and rural locations.

Please note – national and optional holidays in 2018 which may affect delivery times to Portugal:
Jan 1 / Feb 13 / Mar 30 / Apr 1, 25 / May 1, 31 / Jun 10  / Aug 15 / Oct 5 / Nov 1 / Dec 1, 8, 25

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Your parcel is in safe hands when you send it with ipostparcels so there’s no need to worry. We offer a free, online parcel tracking system to give you full visibility of the parcel on its journey. And if that’s not enough to ease your mind, we provide £50 free extended cover on your item – you can choose to add extra cover if you wish.

Do I need to deal with Portuguese customs?

Items posted from the UK to Portugal do not require any customs documentation.

It’s worth noting however, that depending on the items sent, import charges may be payable by the recipient – visit the Portuguese Post website for more information.

Invoices should be included showing as much detail as possible to avoid clearance delays – when you book your parcel with us, we’ll help by providing all necessary documentation.

HM Revenue & Customs has more information on tax and customs considerations for Portugal.

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What items can't I send to Portugal?

As with all deliveries outside the UK, please ensure that your parcel contents are allowed into the destination country. Failure to do so could result in additional charges, the parcel being refused entry and/ or destroyed.

Read on to see our helpful guide on parcel delivery to Portugal. For more detail on what’s prohibited and restricted in the country you’re sending to, visit the Universal Postal Union -  prohibitions and restrictions

Some examples of items you can’t post to Portugal include:

Restricted and Prohibited Goods


Illegal and dangerous



Meat and poultry

Explosives, matches and pyrotechnics Products of animal origin (ivory, tortoiseshell, horn etc)

Dairy, eggs and honey

Firearms and weapons Chocolate/products containing saccharine

Fish and crustaceans

Drugs Animal furs and skins

Please be aware that we also have our own prohibited items list, in addition to country-specific restrictions.

How to package parcels to Portugal

ipostparcels can transport parcels up to 25kg in weight and 80x80x80cm max dimensions. If you’re posting something of reasonable size, you might like to visit our help page on sending large and heavy parcels.

Although your parcels are likely to reach Portugalin several days, we still recommend taking the time to prepare and package it well for transit to ensure its delivered safely.

See our handy international packaging guide for more packaging hints and tips on sending to Portugal.

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How safe will my parcel be?

Your parcel is in safe hands with so there’s no need to worry. We take good care of the items you send with us from the time of collection to delivery, where it will be signed for by the recipient.

We offer free online tracking to keep you fully informed of your parcel’s location. And we provide £50 extended cover on your item as standard – you can choose to add extra cover for more valuable items if you wish.

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