ipostparcels offer some of the cheapest international postage rates from the UK to over 160 countries worldwide, without compromising on quality customer service. Sending to far flung locations such as AustraliaIndia and China, or to European destinations like GermanySpain and France is easy with our international parcel delivery service and we do everything we can to get your parcel delivered promptly and in good condition.

However, you should consider a few things when using our international courier service; from making sure the goods you’re sending are allowed entry to the destination country, to packaging items well enough to protect them whilst in transit.

We recommend you look at the information below with posting and packaging advice, useful guides on how best to send certain items, restricted and prohibited items by country and more. 


Posting advice

Make your ‘safe place’ safe

Prohibited items – International

Restricted or prohibited – what’s the difference?

Understanding taxes and duties for International delivery

A guide to: Sending fluids in the post

A guide to: Sending large and heavy parcels

A guide to: Sending food and drink in the post

A guide to: Air mail - the journey of an International parcel

A guide to: Traveller essentials – what you can send and where

How to complete a commercial invoice

How to complete an International invoice

How to avoid problems when sending parcels abroad

Packaging advice

Going green with your packaging

Safe packaging: How to protect items in transit

Safe packaging: Waterproofing and packaging your parcel

Safe packaging: How to send a fragile item without getting it broken

Parcel Lifehacks: How to save money on packaging

Parcel Lifehacks: Mailing made easier (and cheaper!)

Parcel Lifehacks: How to package parcels for International delivery

Parcel Lifehacks: How to calculate the weight of your parcel without scales or a ruler

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