Parcel Collection

Peace of Mind with Parcel Collection and Delivery

At ipostparcels, we specialise in providing a parcel collection service that rivals other like-minded companies not only in terms of price, but customer reassurance and convenience, too.

Our next day parcel collection and delivery services are designed to provide customers with flexibility, no matter how many parcels they are sending. We also offer a courier tracking service to ensure that you know exactly where your parcel is every step of the way.

We offer a next day parcel collection service designed to adhere to your personal requirements, so, whether it's one 15kg package or a dozen 5kg ones you need to send, simply discuss your requirements with us and we're sure to deliver.

The Convenience of Courier Tracking

We realise how the world of parcel collection and delivery can be overwhelming - especially when time is a factor.

If you are an eBay or Amazon merchant, for instance, you will undoubtedly be faced with timeframes regarding when certain packages for different customers have to be posted. Your customers will be expecting their package to arrive by a certain date or even a certain time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers are not just satisfied, but pleased with the service you have provided them with.

This is where a courier tracking service becomes useful. With ipostparcels, customers can access our 'track my parcel' service to decipher which point their package is in the parcel collection service process, using either their unique consignment or reference number.

Whether for your peace of mind or to offer your customers reassurance, our 'track my parcel' service allows you to find out where, exactly, your package is as part of the comprehensive ipostparcels parcel collection and delivery service.

Choose ipostparcels' Courier Tracking and Parcel Collection Service

As a fundamental segment of the UK Mail Group, the largest independent provider of parcels, mail and logistics services in the UK, ipostparcels is well-placed to offer you a convenient online parcel collection and delivery and courier tracking service.

We are dedicated to offering innovative parcel collection services which are as convenient as possible for our customers, as can be seen in our flexible delivery times and practical 'track my parcel' service.

We aim to help our customers avoid the queues at the Royal Mail post office counter by offering an online parcel collection and delivery service designed to suit you. Whether your home or place of work, we will be able to deliver your package at a place and time according to your requirements. We also offer the option of dropping off your parcel at one of our 50 depots located across the UK to save you even more money.

If you are interested to see how our parcel collection service and 'track my parcel' courier tracking application could help you, please don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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