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Next Day Parcel Delivery

Guaranteed Next Day Delivery with ipostparcels

At ipostparcels, we understand that speed counts for everything in certain situations. If you or your company needs to deliver a parcel to someone as soon as possible, you want to use a service you can trust. This is where we come in. We offer next day parcel delivery at amazing prices to ensure you get great service without paying over the odds. Whether you need to send one parcel or a bundle of them, we can provide the next day UK delivery solutions you need.

ipostparcels is part of the UK Mail Group (previously known as Business Post Group) which is the UK's biggest independent company providing parcel, mail and logistics services. This means that when you entrust your parcels to us, you know they are in safe, reliable hands. We provide a guaranteed next day delivery service which can be booked for delivery from 8am through to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. You can choose specific times for your next day UK delivery, including 9am, 10.30am and noon for parcels which are more urgent.

As part of our next day UK delivery services, you can choose to receive delivery advice notifications both before and after the delivery. These are available as either SMS texts or emails. Liability values can also be increased if something unexpected might happen to your parcel, from the standard value of £25 through to higher levels for added reassurance. However, we endeavour to provide your next day parcel delivery with all of the due care and consideration you would expect. Special delivery the next day can make a huge difference to businesses, which is why we offer the most accommodating service around.

Does Your Parcel Need Special Next Day UK Delivery

ipostparcels is a popular choice for people who run businesses on eBay, as we offer discounts for multiple loads. They typically prefer special delivery the next day for some items, and we have the ability to offer next day parcel delivery times of before 9.30am, 10.30am or noon. As our guaranteed next day delivery services are available as door to door collection and drop-offs, ipostparcels is a much more convenient option than other many of our competitors.

Next day parcel delivery can save a lot of time when you want to deliver an item in a hurry. Our drivers are experienced and understand how to handle items with care. When you choose ipostparcels, you should know that we aim to be the best next day UK delivery service providers in the country.

Our special delivery the next day services have quickly become one of the most popular methods of collection and delivery for people across the country. If you have any further questions about our guaranteed next day delivery services, please check the FAQ section or contact us by post or email.

Our Next Day Collection & Delivery Rates

  • Up to 2KG - £2.49 + VAT
  • Up to 5KG - £4.74 + VAT
  • Up to 10KG - £5.74 + VAT
  • Up to 15KG - £6.74 + VAT
  • Up to 20KG - £8.74 + VAT
  • Up to 25KG - £9.74 + VAT

How to book next day delivery

To start sending parcels today all you need to do is quickly register, if you book your parcel before midnight it can be collected tomorrow and will be delivered the next day. You can also track your parcel using your consignment number on our website so you know exactly where it is.

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