Which clothing trends will make it big on eBay this summer?

There's no point trying to flog old garments even your Nan wouldn't wear. To sell on eBay and make a nice profit, your items need to stand out from the millions of bargains. One way to do this is stay ahead of the game and look out for fashion trends that buyers will be dying to wear.

Here are the top five summer clothing trends that will fill eBay listings, and hopefully line your pockets:


Increasing in popularity during the hotter months, white clothes emphasise bronzed skin and keep wearers cool. It is also particularly trendy during Wimbledon. White clothes for 2014 will tend to have texture and layers, as well as bold shapes and clean lines. White cotton is a classic but for bigger bucks clothes made from organza, satin, lace and silk sell particularly well. To nail two trends in one, see if you have anything lying around that also hints at see-through. Transparency is another popular look for S/S 14.


Summer 2014 is embracing lustrous shine. What's great about this trend is that it's not a typically summery one; in fact it's more familiar with wintery shades and tones, meaning you can cash in on getting rid of past season wear now. Don't just rush to list gold garments though; be clever and think about metallic detailing. For example, heavy metal statement necklaces were big news a few months back, and can easily update an outfit for the summer now too.


Kate Moss's recent Topshop collection offered bundles of it, and with it being festival season, fringing is back with a vengeance. The best thing about fringing for eBay users is that it's an offbeat trend that expresses individuality; meaning you don't need a big label to flog the goods. It's another 2014 summer look that incorporates texture and it can be worn subtly for the tamer fashionistas; on accessories such as bags or beach sandals.

Bold Prints

Modern art and bold colours were huge themes at the SS14 catwalk shows. Rich colour palettes paired with tribal and oriental patterns have created a look that suits a holiday wardrobe that is perfect for garden parties, the beach and BBQs. The best thing with this trend for eBay sellers is that pretty much anything goes (therefore increasing your selling potential); from floral to graphics, artsy to slogans. The only rule is that if you go bold, you must also go big.


Tennis whites are invading summer 2014; the fashion industry really does owe Andy Murray a favour. The key to nailing the sporty trend on eBay is selling luxe sportswear. Think silk bomber jackets, running shorts, pleated mini-skirts, lycra bodies, leggings and sweatshirts; not shell suits. Additionally, this trend is very practical and will appeal to the fashion conscious and gym bunnies, which is perfect as is doubles your potential pool of buyers.

Whatever trend you decide to embrace, just remember that fashion is a cycle, and they'll always come back round. So watch and wait, and as soon as you see a trend, nip it in the bud and get that garment online.

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