What will the top toys of Christmas 2013 be?

The numbers are in! One thing that’s always in demand at every Christmas is toys! 2013 has been no different and we’ve looked into what the hot favourites are this year in the toy department.

Taking the lead has been “City Coast Guard” from Lego followed by “Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Playset” swiftly chased by “Flying Fairy” from Spin Master. All the top 11 products we found you can buy for £475 – which is surprisingly only 5% more than they were worth in 2004!

The past decade of toys

Looking back over the past decade at most popular Christmas toys we have Bratz in 2004 with Tamagotchi in 2006 (remember those?!) and of course High School Musical the most popular in 2008. Ben 10 won over 2010 with Nerf Blasters flying off the shelves in 2011. Last year Cabbage Patch Kids lead the way last year.
One of the most popular toys of all time were Furbies and we’ve compared these toys with the age old classic Lego. 86 is the average number of Lego bricks each person on Earth owns with their Twitter account beating David Cameron by over 5.5 million!

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4

The big one for 2013 is of course the competition between Xbox One and Playstation 4. By December 4th this year UK retailers had completely sold out of both consoles for Christmas deliveries!
Clearly we’re still a nation whom love their toys and remember, our last delivery date is December 23rd for next day delivery so get your gifts out as there’s only a limited time left!
Christmas 2014 toys infographic


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