What is Green Monday?

Traditionally the second Monday in December, Green Monday was coined by eBay in 2007 after record sales. Much like Cyber Monday it is seen as one of the busiest online shopping days in the year. This year it falls on Monday 14th December.
More and more 'e-tailers' are seeing it as a day to entice shoppers with deals and special offers as panic rises with Christmas drawing ever nearer. Just 10 days before the big day itself, the rush is on to order last minute presents. Thankfully, with courier companies such as ipostparcels offering next day delivery, missing the last posting is date is never a worry, with collections and deliveries running right up until Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, many shoppers know that leaving it quite that last minute can be risky, so taking advantage of deals this late in December comes in handy.


The origins of Green Monday

As with Cyber Monday, Green Monday first gained traction in the US, but is now finding a steady footing in the UK. eBay first noticed the trend, and internal research showed that the second Monday in December had consistently been the busiest online shopping day since 2001. 
Monday 10 December 2007 saw 8 per cent more transactions for PayPal's Payflow gateway, while eBay company Shopping.com saw merchant leads increase 54 per cent from previous years. Wind on a few years and, in 2014, $1.62 billion was spent in the US alone on Green Monday. 

Getting on the trend

With giants such as Walmart offering online special offers for gift ideas, there really is no reason why smaller companies can't jump on this trend and give the bottom line one last push before the end of the year. Some retailers choose to make a weekend of it, running promotions over a few days.
If you choose to run Green Monday promotions in your eBay store or website then be sure to plan in advance and let your customers know about the great offers you have scheduled. Email marketing and social media and both great ways to engage with people and promote your offers. Make use of the hashtag #GreenMonday in the run up to the event as well as on the day itself.
Whether you choose to run promotions or not, just being aware of the busy periods of the year can help you plan ahead to meet demand. Make sure you are well-stocked to cater for the boost in orders and prepare your web team to handle the extra traffic you should now come to expect on Green Monday.

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