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What can you fit in the new XX-Large package?

Whilst most packages whizzing their way around the UK are relatively small in size, companies are often tasked with shipping much larger containers. Whether this is for one big item or a huge number of smaller ones, retailers may find themselves needing to send something a little larger.
For this, iPostParcels has recently unveiled its new 'XX-Large' parcel to fit these exact needs. Unlike the 'X-Large', which only permits weight of up to 20kg, the new larger alternative is suitable up to 25kg. That's not all as the sizing is also a little bigger as well.
Whilst the X-Large covers one of three bases: 70x70x70cm, 120x50x50cm or 150x35x35cm, XX-Large will simply suffice for any package with no single dimension coming in over 80cm.
As such, an 80x80x80cm package (therefore with a volume of 0.512 cubic metres) would come under this new size.
So what exactly can you get into an XX-Large package?

CDs and DVDs

It's often worth working out just how many CD or DVD cases it's possible to get into a parcel, as this should give a much greater idea - using measurements with which people are familiar - to anyone thinking of using one. It can prove even more effective, of course, for those selling CDs or DVDs, although the sheer amount which can be fitted in the XX-Large packages may be too much for even the largest of suppliers.
Using the typical measurements for a standard CD 'jewel case' (and some effective packing), it's possible to squeeze 1,935 into an XX-Large package - or more than 100 straight days of uninterrupted music. Of course, the weight of these would be far above the 25kg limit (probably closer to 200kg), but the theoretical levels can give as good an indication as any into just how much can be packed.
It's a similar story for DVDs (or games), with the slightly larger cases meaning that a total of 1,260 can be fitted in - again, with effective packaging. This works out as one DVD for every 2.2 films that have ever won an Oscar since the ceremony first began back in 1929. Just as with the CDs, though, all of these DVD or games would add up to more than the permitted weight as it is just a guide.


It's a similar stories with books, as the parcels are large enough to house some 528 copies of the Sunday School mainstay, the 'Rainbow Good News Bible'. Meanwhile, the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (in this case the RSC paperback 2008 edition of a whopping 2,552 pages) would fit in some 168 times over. This would make for a parcel carrying some 428,736 pages of plays, sonnets and essays, with room to spare.

Soft furnishings

As noted above, all of those already mentioned are good for size guides, but will end up weighing over the 25kg limit. So instead, attention should turn to something decidedly more lightweight, such as pillows, for example. A packaged pillow shouldn't weigh more than 1kg, so fitting 25 into an 80x80x80cm box should be somewhat straightforward. In fact, for lightweight variations, it may be possible to squeeze in a few more - taking the total up nearer 30.
With the new rolled-up mattresses designed for easy delivery, duvets, pillows and covers, it could even be possible to package up everything but the actual bed itself!


Smaller parcels will often suffice for traditional clothing, but there are some garments that are known for being extraordinarily bulky. The most commonplace of these are ski jackets, which are still relatively lightweight but incredibly puffy - seeing as they're packed to the rafters with insulation.
Boxed and packed, these jackets will rarely weigh more than 2kg, thereby allowing 12 to be packaged up, leaving another kilogram spare for invoices, additional extras or simply as a contingency.
As noted above, some items will be most suitable for the new XX-Large packaging foremost because of their weight. As it offers a whole 5kg more than the nearest option, it can not only carry more items, but offer peace of mind for those already straddling the upper limits.
Then where size is concerned, the examples of CDs, DVDs and books should illustrate just how deceptively large an 80x80x80cm package would actually be. Even if this wealth of entertainment does indeed supersede the weight limit, it should still provide adequate information of the exact space sellers have to utilise.

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