What can you do in seven hours?

It wasn't long ago that a study by The Co-operative Electrical found that the average Brit spends five days of every year waiting for home deliveries. What's more, 90 per cent of the survey's respondents said that not knowing when their items are going to arrive is most frustrating part of shopping online.

I Post Parcels is out to change this. This is why we've introduced one-hour delivery slots, so you only need to be around when absolutely necessary. You now have the rest of the working day to do as you wish, and it's amazing what you can achieve in seven hours.

Listen to the longest piece of music ever commercially published

If ambient music is your thing, you could spend the remainder of your day listening to a record-breaking album from American artist Robert Rich. In 2001, the Californian released 'Somnium', a three-part collection of music composed with the aim of influencing the listener's dreams.

While psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips unveiled a 24-hour recording in 2011, Rich's effort remains the longest ever to be commercially released. Based on his sleep concert series, Somnium is only available in DVD format, simply because of its unconventional length. At 419 minutes and 57 seconds long (6:59:57), you even have three seconds to skip back and get started on it all over again!

Run from our Milton Keynes HQ to Bath in Somerset (if you're a tireless Roger Bannister)

On May 6 1954, Roger Bannister became the first person to successfully complete a 'four-minute mile'. After running 1,760 yards in just three minutes and 59.4 seconds, the British medical student held the world record for 46 days. On that day of his colossal achievement, Roger understandably chose to stop at the finish line, but had he carried on at the same pace, how far could he have gone? By our maths, the distance is a staggering 105 miles.

So, if you're as quick as a ground-breaking athlete and you simply don't get tired, you could spend the rest of your day running from our base in Milton Keynes to the beautiful Somerset city of Bath. Just be careful on the hard shoulder of the M4.

Swim the English Channel

Whether for a spot of wine-tasting in Bordeaux or to enjoy the spectacular sights of Paris, millions of Brits travel to France every year. Most, however, take advantage of the numerous transport links available. While the Eurostar has some fantastic bargains on offer, there are few cheaper ways to arrive on French shores than to swim. Thankfully, with the seven hours of free time you've just acquired, it's actually possible.

In September 2012, Australian marathon swimmer Trent Grimsey managed to swim unassisted from the Port of Dover to Cap Gris Nez on the northern coast of France in just six hours and 55 minutes. That's approximately 22 miles of cold, choppy waters in less time than it takes to load a page on Internet Explorer. OK, we may be exaggerating slightly.

So, your delivery has arrived as promised, and you have the choice of doing a day of housework or completing one of the above - what will you choose?

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