The lowdown on sending parcels to Turkey

Thousands of people have connections with Turkey and, according to Wikipedia, there are around 34,000 British expats living there. That means a fair few parcels travel between the two countries.

Straddling the continental border of Southeast Europe and Western Asia, Turkey is still negotiating full European Union membership, but has joined the EU Customs Union. This has allowed for freer international trade and the UK is one of its principal trade partners. What's that got to do with posting a parcel to Turkey, you might ask? Quite a lot, actually, as EU inclusion prescribes one set of rules, while non-EU means quite another.

Here's what you need to know:

Declaration forms

As Turkey is not part of the EU proper, you will be required to complete a declaration form, which should be adhered to your parcel. This can be completed online and printed, then placed on your package (or in an envelope with any other necessary forms as instructed), ready for collection. The declaration will disclose what it is you are posting and the approximate value. It might even prompt you to think about obtaining insurance for your parcel's contents, should they be precious in any way. There may be a duty levied on some items, particularly high-value electronics including satellite receivers, televisions and radio equipment.

Restricted items

Though a member of the Customs Union, there are naturally rules and regulations pertaining to what you can send into Turkey via the post. As you would expect, it's illegal to send hazardous items, weapons, human remains and anything that might be considered 'dangerous' - such as biological samples, infectious substances and lighter fluid.

There are also restrictions placed on the sending of natural goods like soil, leaves and straw, alcohol, electronic devices, some cosmetics and perfumes, prescription medicines and foodstuffs. Other items can be mailed, but at the sender's risk - i.e. the delivery firm will not accept liability for any issues. These items include artwork, ceramics, glass, designer goods and gift vouchers and/or currency. 

Guaranteeing a safe journey

With an express delivery service, your parcel could arrive in Bursa, Ankara, Istanbul or wherever within three days and while our couriers will take good care of your item, it's still crucial that you package it up safely. Using bubble wrap around each item should absorb any impacts and protect fragile goods. Ensure that the box or envelope you place the items into are strong and in good condition. Tape up any openings and reinforce any art of the package which might be a little strained to prevent rips. Our helpful packaging blog offers plenty of other tips.

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Sending parcels to Turkey

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