The lowdown on sending parcels to the Seychelles

Talk of the Seychelles and most people will think of a postcard paradise - a world of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and perfect palm trees. They're not far from the truth, either, and this is why these islands regularly feature high on lottery-win priority lists.
Made up of 115 islands, the Indian Ocean archipelago lies around 1,000 miles east of Mombasa in Kenya, which itself is on the eastern coast of mainland Africa. It is home to 90,000 people and covers just 175 square miles, making it the smallest independent state in Africa by both population and land area. It's even smaller than the Isle of Man.
Despite its tiny size, and the fact that it's over 5,000 miles away, British citizens account for two per cent of Seychelles residents - around 1,800 people. This is no doubt due to the country's status as a former British colony and its current position in the Commonwealth. What's more, approximately 19,000 Brits visit the Seychelles every year, so it's no surprise that there's demand for parcel delivery services. Before you send anything, though, you might want to consider the following information.

Customs declaration forms

The Seychelles are, as you'd expect, outside of the European Union (EU), which means you're required to attach the appropriate customs documentation to anything you send there. 
The form you choose depends on exactly what you're sending. If the contents are worth £270 or less, go for CN22. Anything above should go with the CN23.

Banned and restricted

You're welcome to send most things to the Seychelles, but like every other country, it does have a list of items it won't accept across its borders. Much of it is made up of familiar items, like the following:
- Arms and ammunition
- Toxic chemicals
- Illegal drugs
- Counterfeit currencies
- Pornographic or indecent materials
- Animal products (including hides and skins)
- Radioactive substances
There are a few others you might not have expected, though, such as military uniform, and motor vehicle parts and accessories. You're also not permitted to send any non-tobacco items that resemble tobacco products, including sweets, snacks, toys and electronic cigarettes.
A full list of prohibitions and restrictions can be found here.

Sending safely

London and Victoria, the Seychelles' capital, are separated by more than 5,000 miles of Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. Your parcel, therefore, has a fairly large trip ahead of it, so it's worth making sure it's protected and safe.
Start by finding a box slightly larger than it needs to be and filling the gaps around your item with something soft. This will stop things moving around in transit and should prevent any impact damage. Bubble wrap and polystyrene are good options here.
Then seal the box using thick, strong parcel tape. You may even want to reinforce the edges at this point too. Finish up by attaching the appropriate customs labels and adding the destination address, with "SEYCHELLES" in capitals at the end.
With all of the above taken into consideration, you're ready to send!

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Sending parcels to Seychelles

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