The lowdown on sending parcels to Taiwan

sending parcels to Taiwan
Taiwan is a small island east of China with a population of 23.3 million. While it has enjoyed independence since 1950, China is keen to persuade Taiwan to re-join the republic, whether its people want to or not. This fractured relationship means nations are not allowed to have official relations with both countries. Luckily, the US is a big ally of Taiwan, meaning a lot of its products still make it to the West.
Despite the setbacks, the island is one of Asia's biggest traders, with computer technology being a particular speciality. You've probably noticed a fair few of your electronics are made in Taiwan!
If you have family or friends living in Taiwan, or simply end up sending a lot of eBay items there, then you'll need our postage guide. Follow the below advice and your packages will arrive safely.

What can't I send to Taiwan?

Just like any other country, Taiwan has its own restrictions about what can and can't be sent into the country. Most of the prohibitions make sense - you're unlikely to pop radioactive materials, explosives or live animals in the post. 
However, there are some items on the prohibitions list you may not have considered, including obscene and indecent books, magazines and images, publications promoting Communism and gambling apparatus. 
For more information, please visit the Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance website.

What documentation do I need?

Since Taiwan isn't in the EU, you'll need to fill out a customs form for any item you post. If what you're sending is worth £270 or less, a CN22 customs label is required. For goods worth more than £270, please fill out and attach customs declaration CN23 and adhesive plastic wallet SP 126. 
The form must be attached to the top left hand corner of the package. Double-check that you have signed the form before you send the parcel. 

How to package your item

With some 6,069 miles separating the UK and Taiwan, you're going to want to make sure your parcel is well packaged before you send it, especially if it contains a delicate item. 
First of all, find a sturdy box to place your item in. If it's been used before, make sure there are no tears or holes in the cardboard and remove any existing postage labels, to avoid confusion. Next, wrap your item in newspaper or bubble wrap, with the amount you use dependent on how fragile it is. Fill any excess room in the box with packing peanuts or similar - you don't want your item moving about in transit.
Now your item is secure, it's time to tape up the box. Parcel tape should do the trick - just ensure there aren't any gaps. Finally, you need to stick the address and appropriate customs forms on the front of the package. Remember to write TAIWAN in capital letters on the last line of the address, so it's clear where in the world it needs to go. 
That's it! Your parcel is ready to be sent. If you would like any more advice or have any questions, please get in touch - we're happy to help.

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