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The lowdown on sending parcels to Poland

As Europe's ninth largest country, and with links between it and the UK becoming increasingly strong, it makes sense for couriers to ensure deliveries to and from Poland are better than ever. Whether senders are posting birthday cards, gifts to loved ones or business parcels, couriers should be able to handle a variety of letters, parcels and packages between the two countries with aplomb.

EU membership

The country sends and receives many items of mail all year round, especially as its EU membership makes for an easier progression through customs. In fact, goods being posted from the UK to another EU nation do not require customs documentation, ensuring the vast majority of mail enters the country without a fuss. However, senders will still need to fill out a commercial/pro forma invoice to provide recipient details, a description of goods and item value.

As with all items of international mail - as per general guidelines from the Universal Postal Union - the name of the country of destination must always be printed:

  • On the last line of address
  • In capital letters
  • In the language of the dispatching country or in an internationally recognised language

In addition, all international mail items need to be wrapped in strong, secure packaging in order to survive the trials of international transit.

Prohibitions and restrictions

The Polish Post Office website is not explicit in its list of prohibited and restricted items. However, this does not mean senders can wrap up any old item and send it across the sea to Poland without fear of it being seized. There are a few common prohibitions and restrictions employed by most countries - and Poland is no exception.

All forms of military equipment, including arms and ammunition, are prohibited in Poland. In addition, radioactive materials and perishable substances - both infectious and non-infectious - are also present on the general prohibitions list.

For mailers that plan on sending urns containing human ashes to Poland, senders must first obtain an import permit from the Presidium of the Municipal Council. According to sources, this is to make sure the area in which the urn could be potentially buried is known.

With a vast number of Poles freely entering the UK due to the country's EU membership and taking advantage of the business opportunities available, it makes sense that personal and commercial mail between the two countries has skyrocketed. As such, this presented a business opportunity for couriers; fast and reliable delivery to Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Torun and other Polish towns and cities is now in high demand.

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