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parcel to paraguay
Sandwiched between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, Paraguay is often overshadowed by its bigger and flashier neighbours, but the country has plenty to offer for both residents and visitors. With a population of just 6.7 million sharing more than 157,000 square miles, there's plenty of space to explore in this fascinating landlocked republic.
The British community in Paraguay is tiny, and given the popularity of other destinations nearby, few make the trip from the UK. That said, businesses do have the opportunity to target a growing Paraguayan consumer market.
Before you send any products across the Atlantic, though, you might want to take the following into account.

Customs documentation

Being in South America, Paraguay isn't part of the European Union (EU). This means you'll need to send your items with the appropriate customs documentation. There are two forms, and the one you choose will depend on how much your parcel's contents are worth.
If the total value is above £270, you should complete and attach form CN23. Anything else must go with CN22 instead.
What can't you send to Paraguay?
As is the case with most other countries, there are a fair few things you can't send to Paraguay. Using its customs department, the country's government wants to keep its people safe from harm, and to prevent any questionable items from infiltrating the border.
Many of the things on Paraguay's prohibited list are as you'd probably expect. It includes obvious things like:
- Firearms, weaponry and parts thereof
- Narcotics
- Perishable foodstuffs
- Live animals
- Pornographic and other obscene materials
- Hazardous waste
Beyond this, though, there are a few things you might not have expected to see. You can't, for example, send watches, ice (dry or wet), batteries, artwork, or - weirdly - blank airline tickets. Magnets and precious stones are also forbidden, as are any log and timber products originating in Liberia.

Sending safely

Paraguay is a long way from the UK! In fact, the two capitals - Asunción and London - are more than 6,300 miles apart. Your parcel, therefore, has quite the journey ahead, so be sure to pack it properly to minimise the risk of damage.
You'll want a box slightly bigger than its contents; the tighter the fit, the less room you'll have for cushioning. Speaking of which, bubble wrap, tissue paper and packing peanuts all provide great protection.
Then, with everything comfortably inside, it's time to seal the openings with some strong tape. If you're reusing an old box, it might be worth reinforcing the edges too.
Last but not least, add the address and the relevant customs documents.
The address format in Paraguay is as follows:
Street name and house number
All of that taken care of, your item is ready to send!

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Parcels to Paraguay

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