The lowdown on sending parcels to Monaco

Sending parcels to Monaco
As countries go, Monaco is pretty much as small as it gets. Beaten only by the Vatican to the honour of 'world's littlest', this microstate - anchored by France - covers just 0.78 square miles of land. One title it does claim, however, is that of the most densely populated, with close to 38,000 people calling the tiny space home.
A small portion of these residents are British, with some moving over to work in Monaco's famous casinos and glitzy hotels, and others taking advantage of its infamously lax tax laws. There's also a fair bit of money in this part of the world, so the time may come when you have to send parcels there from the UK. Before you go ahead, though, be sure to take the following into account.

Customs documentation

The lines are a little blurred when it comes to Monaco and customs declaration. The microstate does participate in certain European Union policies - customs included - through neighbouring France, but it isn't technically a full member. We recommend, therefore, sending forms to be safe.
To this end, the same rules apply here as they would with other non-EU members: if the contents of your parcel are worth up to £270, it'll be form CN22. Anything else and you'll need to carefully complete the CN23 form instead. Whichever one you need, be sure to attach it securely to the front of your package.

What can't you send to Monaco?

There are many answers to that question, and a lot of them you'd probably expect. The list, for example, includes all of the following:
- Poisons
- Arms, ammunition and parts thereof
- Explosives (including pyrotechnics)
- Pornography and/or obscene materials
- Currency (both real and counterfeit)
- Narcotics
- Animal products (including live creatures)
It's not just the obvious stuff, though, so be careful. On top of these, you're not permitted to send antiques, modems, seeds or soil. The weirdest thing on the list, though? That award goes to chocolate; maybe the expert chocolatiers of Monaco are just trying to keep our seemingly-inferior bars out of the country!

Some packaging tips

Let's not kid ourselves, Monaco isn't too far away from the UK. That said, it's still worth making sure your items are properly protected before sending them on their way.
The key is to pick a box that gives your item just enough room to breathe. You can then fill the gaps with something soft, ensuring nothing can move too much without being cushioned. Then, using strong tape, secure all of the openings so that nothing can get out.
Finish up by attaching your customs form to the front and writing the destination address clearly, with MONACO on the last line. 
All that considered, you're good to go!

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