The lowdown on sending parcels to Mexico

Mexico, alongside the US and Canada, is one of three countries that make up the continent of North America. With one of the world's biggest tourism industries, it is home to a number of popular holiday destinations, such as the bustling Mexico City, traditional Guadalajara area and sunny beaches of Cancun. The draw is such that around 360,000 Brits make the trip to Mexico every year.

More than this, close to 10,000 Brits permanently reside within the country's borders, so it's understandable that the time may come when you have to send a parcel or two to Mexico. Before you get wrapping, though, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Customs forms

Being part of North America, Mexico falls outside of European Union regulations. As such, anyone sending parcels there must attach the right customs declaration documents to their item to ensure it passes through smoothly. The form you need will depend on the value of the package's contents; if the total falls below £270, it should be CN22. Anything above this amount must be sent with a fully completed CN23 form.

Rules and regulations

Firstly, Mexico is like many other countries in that it doesn't welcome any of the following items across its borders.

  • Animals (live or otherwise) and animal products
  • Various foods (vegetables, seeds, fruits etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Explosives
  • Arms, ammunition and other weaponry

The list does go on, and it includes various things that other governments would find acceptable for import. For example, the country's ongoing battle with narcotics means that any chemicals or products which could potentially be used in the manufacturing of illegal substances will be stopped by officials. Border forces have even been known to stop candy, oil and used clothing unless it is packed securely in luggage - extra documentation may be required for such items.

On top of this, senders may have trouble getting bicycles, tires, matches and compact discs through to the intended recipient.

It is possible to send money to citizens of Mexico, but anything over $10,000 (US dollars) must be accompanied by a signed and completed declaration form.

More details on Mexican mail restrictions can be found on the Universal Postal Union's website.

Pack it properly!

Mexico's capital, Mexico City, is more than 5,500 miles from London, so any items you do send there will have quite the journey to endure before they reach the recipient.  While your items will be handled with the utmost care during the trip over the Atlantic, it's important that you pack them securely with durable materials. Start by finding a box that gives your item a little breathing space, and then fill the gaps with something soft (bubble wrap or tissue paper, for example). Then, use strong tape to seal all openings.

Lastly, write the address on the front of the package, with 'MEXICO' clearly on the last line. When all of this is done, you should be ready to send!

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