The lowdown on sending parcels to Israel

sending parcels to israel
The middle-eastern country of Israel will be familiar to most people around the world for various reasons. As well as being considered the holy land by a number of religions, it's been the scene of ongoing unrest for a number of years - especially the Gaza area.
That said, it remains a big tourism draw, with the country's religious significance and stunning architecture drawing visitors from across the world. Brits can even reach Israel's second-largest city, Tel Aviv, by hopping on an EasyJet plane - it's more accessible than ever.
With around 40,000 Brits thought to live permanently in Israel, it's not surprising that there's demand for parcel delivery services from the UK. Before you send anything, however, you'll want to consider the following.

Customs documentation

Being in Asia, Israel is not a member of the European Union (EU). This means you're required to complete and attach the appropriate customs documentation to anything you send there. The form you choose will depend on the value of your parcel's contents: above £270 and you'll need form CN23. Anything else should go with CN22 instead.
The declaration will include a description of the goods, while also detailing the value and whether they are gifts or commercial products. Fail to provide the right info and your package will likely be delayed while customs officials investigate.

What you can't send to Israel

Israel, like most other countries, has a list of things it doesn't welcome across its borders, and it's important that you check it before sending anything. Most of the things listed are probably as you'd expect:
- Live animals and animal products
- Arms, ammunition and parts thereof
- Swords and other items with sharp blades
- Narcotics
- Counterfeit currency (both notes and coins)
- Indecent and obscene materials
- Perishable foods
Beyond these, there are a few you might not have considered. You're not, for example, permitted to send jewellery, precious metals and stones, works of art, antiques, collectible coins or - oddly - any games based on chance. This would seemingly rule out dice, playing cards and roulette wheels.

How to package properly

Your item has a pretty lengthy journey ahead of it, with London and Jerusalem - Israel's capital - separated by more than 2,200 miles of European land and Mediterranean Sea. As such, it's worth protecting your item properly with the right materials.
Start by taking a box slightly bigger than the item you want to send; this means it'll have some wiggle room, which you can fill with something soft. Bubble wrap, sponge and tissue paper are all great for cushioning.
Next, close all openings with some strong tape and attach your customs documentation to the front of the parcel. Last but not least, write the destination address clearly, with 'ISRAEL' on the final line.
All that considered, you're ready to send!

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