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The lowdown on sending parcels to Hong Kong

Despite being ceded back to China nearly two decades ago, Hong Kong retains much of its former western vibe. Education, business and pleasure all retain elements from its British occupation, though naturally the country's eastern influence is continuing to shine through.

The combination of the two makes Hong Kong as fantastic place to visit and do business, especially as it acts as a gateway to the blossoming Chinese market. Many visitors and businesses now see Hong Kong as a target for their holidays and commercial deals, ensuring mail traffic between the country and the UK is on the rise.

However, it pays to know the duty, restrictions and prohibitions when it comes to mail in Hong Kong otherwise your parcel, package or letter could be confiscated before reaching its destination.


The amount of the duty to be collected on a postal packet, both sending and receiving, depends on the value of the goods contained therein. Currently, if the value of the goods is HKD$4000 or over - the equivalent of around £313 at current exchange rates - then duty has to be collected.

Where it is above this threshold, a declaration must be lodged with the Customs and Excise department. More information can be found on the Hong Kong post website (.pdf).

In addition, goods up to £270 require customs label CN22, whereas goods over £270 require customs declaration CN23 and adhesive plastic wallet SP 126.

Import restrictions

Fortunately for senders and recipients, Hong Kong boasts one of the most relaxed import and export regulations in the world. However, this does not mean that any old item will be able to make it across the border; Hong Kong does have a handful of restrictions and prohibitions.

For instance, the following items are considered prohibited:

  • rice,
  • alcohol,
  • pesticides,
  • animal products,
  • fish,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • radio equipment

In addition, there are a number of restrictions to products applied by Hong Kong. Restricted products include:

  • plants,
  • explosives,
  • firearms,
  • food,
  • sand,
  • fabrics,
  • weapons,
  • rough-cut diamonds

When an item is restricted you must comply - and some changes may be enforced at short notice, so it is always worth double checking with the Hong Kong Post Office just in case any changes are made.


With Hong Kong situated half-way across the world from the UK, senders need to ensure their parcel is safe, secure and durable enough to withstand the lengthy journey. Senders should take care to individually wrap each item going in the parcel as well as place all items in a strong outer container/box. Strong tape is necessary to seal the container along all openings and seams.

With these precautions in mind, those sending parcels to Hong Kong should find their item reaches its intended address with no qualms whatsoever.

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