The lowdown on sending parcels to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory situated on the southern coast of Spain. Stretching just three miles from top to bottom and 1.3 miles east to west, the outpost is relatively small but attracts more than ten million tourists each year, many of whom travel from the UK mainland. With a population of just 30,000, it actually has one of the highest tourist-to-resident ratios in the world.

With a number of British businesses making the most of the territory's favourable tax laws, many people move permanently from the UK to work there. This, paired with the presence of a healthy consumer market, means there's plenty of demand for parcel delivery services to Gibraltar. Before you send anything, though, be sure to consider the following.

Customs declaration

Gibraltar is part of the European Union (EU), having joined under the UK in 1973. The territory is, however, outside the Customs Union (EUCU), which means you'll need to send the appropriate documentation with your items.
Just as you would when sending something outside of the EU, it's important to complete and attach form CN22 to the front of the parcel if its contents are worth £270 or less. Anything else must be sent with form CN23.

Prohibited items

There are certain things that Gibraltar's customs department won't allow across its borders and through the postal system, many of which can be found on most other countries' lists too.

Obvious examples include:
- Explosives (including fireworks)
- Firearms and ammunition
- Toxic substances
- Live animals
- Narcotics
- Counterfeit currency
- Indecent and offensive materials

Beyond this, banned items include high-strength magnets, foreign lottery tickets, batteries (unless in original retail packaging) and aerosols.

According to the Royal Gibraltar Post Office website, anything on the list that is found coming across the border will be returned to the sender or destroyed as appropriate.

Safe packing!

With just over 1,000 miles separating Gibraltar from the rest of Britain, your package has some distance to travel before it lands in the recipient's hands. As such, it makes sense to protect it by using an appropriately sized box and strong materials.

Start with a box that gives your items a little bit of breathing room, before filling the gaps with something soft and light - bubble wrap is perfect. If you have more than one item to send, wrap them individually before placing inside. Finish up by taping the box closed and securing all openings.

Then write the destination address in large, clear lettering on the front of the package, adding 'GIBRALTAR' on the last line.

With all the above considered, you're ready to go!

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Sending parcels to Gibraltar 

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