The lowdown on sending parcels to Georgia

Tell someone you're sending a parcel to Georgia and they may assume you have friends in the US. We're not talking about the American state, though - this is a guide for anyone needing something delivered to the Eastern European nation, down near Armenia, Azerbaijan and southwest Russia.

Although very few Brits live in Georgia, around 20,000 visit each year - some for business, others to enjoy the majestic mountainous scenery this beautiful country has to offer. Should you need to send something there, whether it's a gift or something you've sold online, the following information will come in handy.

Customs documentation

Although it technically straddles both Europe and Asia, Georgia is widely considered to be part of the former. That said, it's not a member of the European Union (EU), so you'll need to attach the appropriate customs papers before you send anything.

The document you need depends on the value of the item or items you're sending. If it's above £270, go for form CN23. Otherwise, it'll be CN22. Fill in every section clearly and have it ready to attach to the front of your package.

Prohibitions and restrictions

Georgia, like most other countries, has certain things it doesn't want coming across its borders in the mail. Many of the inclusions are predictable; things like corrosive and radioactive materials, flammables, poisons, weaponry and explosives.

Beyond this, though, there are a few bits you may not have expected. The list also includes:

- Political literature
- Psychotherapy substances
- Cheques and payroll documents
- Toiletries
- Gold, silver or platinum (or items made using these materials).

Try sending any of these and your parcel will likely be intercepted and confiscated on route. Not worth the risk!

Address formatting

The address format is slightly different to what you might be used to in the UK, but it's nothing to panic about. Instead of a postcode, you'll see a four-digit code next to the town or city name. The first to digits dictate the town or regional centre, with the latter two determining the delivery office.

The example given by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is:

Mr. Lali Hataschwili
Ulica Kazbegi 19, kvartira 66

How to prepare your parcel for delivery

Georgia and the UK are pretty far apart, with the countries' capitals, London and Tbilisi separated by more than 2,000 miles of Europe and a bit of sea, too. It's important, therefore, that you prepare your parcel properly to avoid any damage.

We suggest starting with a box slightly bigger than your items; then place the things you want to send inside and fill the gaps with something soft - bubble wrap if you have it. Then, tape everything up so it's nice and secure, before adding the customs form to the front and writing the address if necessary (it may already be clear enough on the customs document).

With all of that considered, you are ready to send!

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