The lowdown on sending parcels to Croatia

sending parcels to croatia
Situated in Southeast Europe, the Republic of Croatia has had an interesting history to say the least. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, it became independent in 1991 and has continued to flourish since - building its economy and its status as an international tourism hotspot.
Speaking of tourism, around 400,000 Brits journey to Croatia every year - that's equal to the entire population of Manchester! Around 1,000 of those who have made the trip didn't come back either, with many staying to live and work in the capital city, Zagreb. These stats, along with the country's thriving consumer market, go a long way to explaining why there's growing demand for parcel delivery services to Croatia.
The following information will come in handy if you're looking to send something across the continent to a Croatia-based friend, relative or customer.

Customs declaration

Both the UK and Croatia are full members of the European Union (EU) - a politico-economic union created with the goal of making trade and travel between involved states easier. This means you're not required to attach any kind of customs documentation to your parcel. You do, however, have to make sure what you're sending is permitted by the Croatian government.

What you can't send to Croatia

Croatia's 'prohibited/restricted' list reads much like most other countries', and includes the following items:
  • Live animals and animal products, including meat
  • Perishable foods, such as fruit, vegetable and nut products
  • Explosives, including pyrotechnics and matches
  • Arms, ammunition and weaponry parts
  • Pharmaceuticals/medicines (unless sender has official government permission)
  • Narcotics
Beyond this, there are a few restrictions that might not be so obvious. For example, customs agents are also ready to confiscate homeopathic products, anti-radar devices and counterfeit goods (including clothing and media products).
Plants and seeds can be sent but only when sent with a Phytosanitary Certificate from the appropriate body in the country of origin.
See Croatia's official postal service website for a little more information.

Sending safely

The UK and Croatia might both be in Europe but they're separated by more than 800 miles of French, German, Austrian and Slovenian land. Your parcel, then, has a fair way to travel before it arrives with its intended recipient; best to pack it thoroughly.
Begin by taking a box a little bigger than the item you're about to send; you want some wiggle room to allow for cushioning. The best materials for this are bubble wrap, polystyrene, sponge and tissue paper - all of which can be used time and time again.
Next, take some strong tape and secure all of the box's openings. If you're reusing a box, you might also want to secure the edges for a bit of reinforcement.
Finish up by putting the address on the front, with 'CROATIA' written on the last line.
All of that considered, you're ready to send!

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Sending parcels to Croatia

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