The lowdown on sending parcels to Barbados


Barbados is something of a real-life island paradise, which can be found atop many Brits' holiday wish-lists. Situated around 300 miles off the coast of Venezuela, it offers visitors year-round sun, idyllic beaches of white sand and, above all, a friendly welcome. Despite being only 21 miles long, the country draws around 170,000 British tourists a year.

It's known as 'home' to more than 4,000 British nationals too - around ten times more than live in nearby Guadeloupe - with the majority living in the capital, Bridgetown. The figure is no doubt boosted by Barbados's status as a member of the Commonwealth.

Sending parcels to friends, relatives and even customers in Barbados is easy, but there are a few things you'll need to consider first.

Customs declaration

Send anything to another country outside the EU and you'll be required to complete and attach the appropriate customs documentation. Seeing as it is situated close North America in the North Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is one such postal destination.

If the contents of your package are worth £270 or more, you'll need to send them with a completed CN23 customs form. Anything with a value below this should instead be sent with form CN22. It is the sender's responsibility to ensure this is done, but to make things easier, ipostparcels will, where possible, use the information provided at the booking stage to complete the correct form on your behalf.

Restricted items

The customs officials in Barbados, like those in most other countries, have to be careful with what they allow across the border. They're tasked with keeping the island's population safe from harm, and to ensure nothing illegal makes it through.

When compared to other countries, the prohibited list for Barbados is pretty standard. It includes, among other things: illegal drugs, pornography and other obscene materials, weaponry and explosives. Restrictions are also in place, and will impact those sending food items and medicines.

While the banned items list isn't particularly unique, Barbados is hot on counterfeit items - this includes clothing and entertainment media, such as music and movies.

Guaranteeing a safe journey

We take every care to ensure your packages make it to the intended destination safely, but there are things you can do for a little added peace of mind. This starts with the packing itself. Use a strong, well-sized box, and fill any gaps with something soft to keep movement to a minimum; tissue paper and bubble wrap are both good options. Once you've covered all openings and weaker points with strong parcel tape, write the address clearly on the front with the destination country in capitals on the last line. Once all of the above has been considered, you should be ready to send!

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