The lowdown on sending a parcel from UK to Spain

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With Christmas just around the corner, an increased number of British residents will be seeking to send packages to their friends who live abroad. Sending a package overseas is relatively simple, but depending on the package's destination, there are often little quirks which you could do with being aware of.
Here are few tips for those hoping to send a parcel to Spain in time for Christmas.


The format of the address on parcels and envelopes is slightly different in Spain compared to the UK.
As with Britain, Spanish addresses feature the name of the recipient on the first line with the street name, building and apartments numbers on the second line. However, the post code should appear on the third line followed by the town name. The name of the province appears on the final line. Don't forget to add 'Spain' at the bottom too.
Postcodes are five digits long. It's possible to find the postcode of a Spanish address on the website of Correos, the national postal service in Spain.  

Types of delivery

Senders typically have three options for delivery of international packages. They can utilise the accelerated delivery service offered by the EMS Co-operative. Most courier services will also offer a Priority International Delivery or an economy delivery. As with 1st class and 2nd class deliveries in the UK, senders can expect the package to arrive faster if they choose the more expensive option.
There are more than 6,000 post offices in Spain, including many which are contained with railway stations and airports. Some post offices operate around the clock, so senders could perhaps expect their package to arrive quicker than in other nations. Most couriers will offer an estimate for delivery time for each of their transit options.
Because Christmas lands on a Wednesday this year, senders can potentially send their goods overseas later than normal in time for the big day. 


It's worth bearing in mind that most couriers will have a list of restricted items that they will refuse to send abroad. What's more, each country will have it's own list of items that it won't allow to be posted. Items which are unlawful or prohibited in Spain can't be sent via post, for example. Your courier should be clued up with various European laws and will advise as appropriate.


The range of pricing for the delivery of packaging from the UK to Spain is huge, so it's certainly worth comparing the costs of a number of couriers. As well as price differences, there could be differences in the range of free insurance offered on the package. The maximum weight of a package could differ too, as could the need to complete a customs declaration.
Nevertheless, those who find themselves a reliable courier can be confident that their package will arrive in one piece.

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