Sending parcels to Slovakia

Sending parcels to Slovakia
The beautiful nation of Slovakia is actually one of the world's newest countries, having been a part of the 'velvet divorce' with the Czech Republic back on January 1st 1993. It saw Czechoslovakia dissolved into two states which have since both developed burgeoning economies since becoming independent. 
Slovakia has a population of 5.4 million, while its capital of Bratislava is home to around 440,000 people. The city is located on the banks of the River Danube, with incredible medieval history and thriving nightlife, so it's no surprise more and more people from other countries are moving there to live and work. The rest of the country is beautiful too; lush green landscapes and snowy mountains, making it ideal for keen skiers and snowboarders.
Whether you're a Slovakian living in the UK, or you have friends and family who live in the country, you're going to need to send a parcel from time to time. However, it's important you know what you can and can't send into Slovakia, so you can ensure your parcel is delivered the way you intended.

What can't you send?

The restrictions for sending parcels to Slovakia are fairly standard, so none should come as a surprise. Slovakia is part of the EU, so customs documentation isn't necessary. However, here's a run-through what you shouldn't post:
• Vegetable products
• Live trees and other plants (bulbs, roots, cut flowers and ornamental foliage)
• Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits (grains, seeds, fruits, plants, straw and fodder)
• Live animals and animal products
• Arms, ammunition and parts thereof
• Swords and other items with sharp blades
• Narcotics
• Counterfeit currency (both notes and coins)
• Indecent and obscene materials

How to package your parcel to Slovakia

It's almost a thousand miles between London and Bratislava (966.5 miles to be precise), so your parcel has a heck of a journey ahead of it, wherever in the UK you're posting it from. It's crucial, then, that you package everything safely and securely, to ensure it arrives in the same condition you sent it.
Start with a quality box. Ideally it will be a little bigger than the item or items you're sending, so that it has a bit of space inside and won't be immediately at risk. You can then pad out the space with something soft, providing an extra layer of safety. For this, we recommend bubble wrap, sponge or tissue paper.
You'll also need some strong tape to keep the whole thing together. Make sure all edges of the box are secured and that there are no holes or weaknesses. 
Finally, write the address clearly and neatly. You could even print out the address and tape it to the box to ensure it legible. Here's all you need to know to write an address in Slovakia:
• The name of the street comes before the number of the house (e.g. Hviezdoslavova 15)
• Street in Slovak is 'ulicia' (shortened to ul.) while square is 'namestie' (shortened to nam.)
• Postcodes are five digits long (find the correct postcode at and go before the city.
An address should then be presented like this:
Peter Kovac
Hviezdoslavova 23
81101 Bratislava
After that, you're all good to send!

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Send parcels to Slovakia

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